Hello and welcome to the Genoverse! An extraordinary journey awaits, one that can truly transform your life – all you need is the willingness to embark on this adventure. Genopets motivates you to prioritize your health by gamifying simple fitness activities. Walk around every day and remember to bank your steps before midnight to level up, evolve, and customize your Genopet. It’s that easy! It's designed to inspire you to boost your physical activity and self-care by nurturing and playing with your personalized digital pet. Invest in yourself for your Genopet to become rarer.

Genopets is a free-to-play mobile game with a player-owned economy powered by Web3.

Get Into The Game

To start playing, download the Genopets app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, create your game account and grab an invite code from a fellow Genovian on our Discord. Currently, we are in Phase II of our Whitelist Beta, which is why you need an invite code to enter the game. 

In addition to Discord, you can earn an invite code by purchasing a Genesis Genopet or a Habitat

For a full breakdown of claiming an invite code and getting into the game, check out these articles:

Starting To Play


One of the most exciting aspects of Genopets is that every player summons their personalized digital pet during onboarding by answering a series of personality questions. Your responses will influence your Genopet’s looks and personality. 

Once you’ve gotten through onboarding, it's time to start playing! 

The Basics

The steps you take in real life are needed to earn Energy, the foundational resource you collect in the game. You’ll walk around in your daily life and the app will track those steps in the background, sans GPS—no need to open the app or press start before a workout. The benefit of this is twofold: 

  1. Playing Genopets doesn’t remove you from living in the moment

  2. Whether you’re running in the park or just walking between offices at work, your steps will always count

In order to save your steps in the app and convert them into Energy, all you need to do is bank your steps at the end of the night. Hold down the bank button and watch your Genopet dance with joy as your steps convert. The amount of Energy you convert depends on the level of your Genopet and how well you’ve cared for them. 

Tip: Want to convert more Energy? Apply an Energy Boost before you bank your steps

We’ll cover both of these topics briefly below, but for a more in-depth breakdown, check out these sources:

Once you have Energy, you’ll be able to level up and evolve your Genopet, use it to wager bets in Step Battles, and in the future participate in our Battle and Explore features. 

When you bank at least 1,000 steps, you’ll receive Banking Rewards—a mix of food and toys you’ll use to nurture your Genopet.

Game Features


If you grew up playing with Tamagotchis, you’re going to love getting to bond with your Genopet through Nurture Actions. In Genopets, there are three ways you’ll want to nurture your Genopet:

  1. Show them Love by petting them

  2. Give them Nutrition by feeding them

  3. Give them Joy by playing fetch

When it comes to Nurture, green is good, and red is bad. You’ll want to consistently nurture your Genopet each day to make the rings on the top left of the app green BEFORE you bank your steps. Why? Nurture Actions affect your Mood Modifier—this entails a bunch of math, but basically, all you need to know is if your rings are green you’re good to go and you’ll get Bonus Energy when you bank your steps. If they are red, you’ll convert less Energy than you should have given your level.

Pet your Genopet on the home screen of the app by rubbing two fingers over their body like you’re scratching a puppy behind the ears. You should pet your Genopet twice every 24 hours to keep them constantly feeling loved.

Feed your Genopet in the Feeding mini-game that can be accessed by clicking on the fork and knife icon in the top left corner of the app. Use food you’ve earned through Banking Rewards to feed your Genopet. Ideally, you should feed your Genopet once a day but know that their Nutrition Ring will go from green to red in 48 hours if you don’t feed them at all.

Play with your Genopet in the Fetch mini-game that can be accessed by clicking on the ball icon in the top left corner of the app. Use toys you’ve earned through Banking Rewards to play with your Genopet. Ideally, you should play with your Genopet a few times a week. 

For a full breakdown of the math and a deep dive into the mechanics of Nurture, check out our whitepaper or read How Nurture Actions Affect Step Efficiency.

Level Up and Evolve

While you’re getting healthier, your Genopet will be getting stronger too! Convert Energy into XP to Level Up and Evolve your Genopet. There are several benefits to Leveling Up your Genopet, including:

  1. Higher Step Efficiency: In layman's terms, this means you’ll convert more Energy per step if your Genopet is at a higher level. 

  2. Higher Daily Energy Cap: Each Level has a maximum Energy cap per day, meaning no matter how many steps you take, you can only receive up to X amount of Energy.

  3. Increase In Stats: The base stats of your Genopet’s Augments (ie Antennae, Horn, Ears, Mane, Wings, Tail) will increase as your Genopet Levels Up. 

Every 7 levels your Genopet Levels Up they will Evolve, changing their physical appearance and updating their personality description to match their new maturity.

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Customize with Augmentation

Augmenting your Genopet will change its appearance and stats. Augmentation is an extremely useful tool to upgrade your Genopet and make it more rare. The feature can be accessed through the Augment icon located in the center hexagon cluster on the home screen. 

You can purchase Augments (ie Antennae, Horn, Ears, Mane, Wings, Tail) from other players off Magic Eden with a wallet, and in the future via the Genopets in-app Marketplace will let you buy these items as an in-app purchase. Then in Augmentation, you can swap the new Augments onto your Genopet to customize their look. When you do this, you will also be changing your Genopet’s stats, which is key to conquering Step Battles and increasing the rarity of your Genopet when it becomes an NFT. Within the Augmentation feature, you can also remove any Augments you do not want on their Genopet—the power is completely in your hands.

For further customization, you can also personalize the color of your Genopet using Cosmetic Crystals you can buy on Magic Eden too. There are three types of Cosmetic Crystals:

  1. Adsynth Crystal: Changes your Genopet’s primary color

  2. Subsynth Crystal: Changes your Genopet’s secondary color

  3. Lume Crystal: Changes your Genopet’s emission line color

By taking advantage of the Augmentation feature, you can increase your Genopet’s rarity, both through their coloring and their Augments. If you wish to part ways with your Genopet in the future and sell them to another player, this could impact its value.

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There’s no better way to stay motivated than knowing an award is just around the corner. Track how consistently you’ve been walking and banking with the Achievements feature. Earn Badges for banking your steps multiple days in a row and reaching step milestones all the way to 1 Million steps.

Step Battles

The latest feature set to launch is Step Battles, a walking competition where players can challenge each other and wager Energy to win. Speaking from experience, Step Battles is phenomenal encouragement to walk even more—getting notified someone is only 500 steps behind you and is set to overtake you really put on the pressure. Step Battles will also include a chat feature, allowing you and your competition to smack-talk each other in the name of friendly rivalry.

Tip: Augments with Speed Boost modifiers will give you a Stat Bonus in battles that could give you an edge even if you don’t walk as many steps as other players.

Want to learn how Augments can increase your odds of winning? Check out Develop Strategies and Prepare For Battle with Augment Stats!

Expand Your Gameplay with Web3

How to Start Earning in Genopets

At Genopets, we believe players should hold true ownership over in-game assets and utilize blockchain technology to make that a reality. 

While the main mobile app does not require a wallet or interaction with Web3 on any level, players who want to expand their gameplay can do so on Mainframe—our web-based platform where players can Craft (aka mint) in-game assets like Augments or Cosmetic Crystals you can choose to use or sell to other players to earn. That all starts with using some of your Energy to Harvest KI Token (one of the two tokens in Genopets' dual-token economy).

In order to Craft or Harvest KI Token, you will need a wallet and a Habitat—an NFT that can only be created by players who own a Habitat. The Habitat is your portal into the Web3 side of Genopets, a Player-Owned Economy where you can craft and create all the items in the game Mobile only players will buy. Once purchased, connect your wallet holding the Habitat to your game account on Mainframe and start supplying the Genopets’ economy!

Here’s a simple community Habitat buying guide on what to consider when making a purchase.

Player-Owned Economy

The Genopets economy is designed such that players have the ability to create and own all items in the game, dictating supply, rarity, and pricing for items. Genopets provides a framework for what items can be created (Genopets, Habitats, Augments, Boosts, Skins, etc), but it’s up to players playing the game to determine supply, rarity, and pricing for all the assets that move within the game.

In this way, Web3 players in Genopets have control over the sell side of the economy, crafting and minting items to sell to Web2 players in the mobile app as the primary means of earning.

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The Genoverse is what you make of it. With limitless paths to explore, your Genopet will be by your side every step of the way motivating you to be more active and rewarding you for the steps you take every day. Download the Genopets app from the App Store or Google Play to get started and above everything else, don’t forget to Bank your steps before midnight every day!