With the Game Mechanics Litepaper released, we’d like to shine some light on some of the mechanics mentioned, continuing our “In-Game Elements” series. Let’s get into it!

Note: The information contained in the Litepaper is intended to be definitive, but it will be a living, breathing document. The design team acknowledges that adjustments may have to be made periodically in response to community feedback or unexpected catalysts.

What is Energy?

Energy digitally represents your physical activity and in-game effort’s value (steps). The framework of Energy introduces a new level of strategy by giving us the agency to decide how we want to use the steps we bank to play Genopets. Think of Energy as the fuel for your gameplay.

How does it work?

After you bank your steps, they will turn into Energy. Energy is an in-game resource you’ll use to complete different in-game actions at your discretion. This new concept makes each action you perform a strategic opportunity vs. us automatically spending your hard-earned steps for you or simply converting them to tokens. Pressing the bank button also takes on added importance since it’s no longer just about claiming XP for leveling. Instead, it’s about securing your daily supply of a fundamentally useful resource you can use to leverage your gameplay.

Note: Energy is not a token, nor is it tracked on-chain.

Why Energy?

In traditional RPGs, you automatically level up and unlock new features to customize your character and gameplay. Although this is a framework we’re used to, we believe every player should have sovereignty over their in-game choices and earning opportunities. What if you could choose how you progress??


Our initial design featured a direct conversion of steps to XP and steps to KI Token with a Habitat, but we found as we continued to dive deeper into the game’s design that was too limiting and simplistic to support the breadth of the gaming experience we want to deliver. And thus, the concept of Energy (E) was born.

  • E will serve as action points within the game. In other words, Energy is the base in-game currency that will ultimately “fund” all your in-game actions.
  • E is automatically stored and ready for use (unlike steps, which are lost if not banked before the following day, so bank your steps at the end of each day to reap the rewards of staying active).
  • Currently, there is no plan to limit the amount of Energy that you can store per game account.
  • The conversion rate of Steps into Energy will occur in real-time and can be calculated using THIS super secret formula.

E is necessary for you to:

  • Level up your Genopet by converting E into XP
  • Harvest KI by converting E into KI Tokens with a Habitat
  • Feed, groom, play, and generally keep your Genopet happy (More on Nurturing your Genopet coming soon)
  • Perform battle actions (coming soon)
  • Participate in PvE quests and challenges (coming soon)

Energy is the fuel necessary for everyone to enjoy the Genopets to the fullest as the bridge between the player’s physical activity and the representation of its value within the game. We know the perceived complexities may come across as complicated for some players at first, but rest assured, committing to a system that increases the strategic depth, and variety of each individual approach is destined to lead to a rich and sustainable gameplay experience.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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