Genesis Habitat Minting ended Monday and the KI Token Launch was sold out with 7 hours remaining in the auction. Together, we have created the only Genesis Habitats that will ever exist in the Genoverse. Seeing the community bring Habitats to life was an awe-inspiring moment for everyone on the team. After weeks of anticipation of treasure hunting, you will finally have a new space for your Genopet to call “home.”

Every Habitat is unique and procedurally generated live while you minted based on your in-game actions. Habitats are beautiful 3D landscape NFTs that promote the enhancement and evolution of your Genopet. Your Habitat will enable your ability to refine mined crystals and earn KI Token on a regular basis, unlocking the door to a world of in-game features, benefits, and earning opportunities.

Note: Genesis Habitats can no longer be minted, but they are currently available for purchase on our partner marketplaces like Magic Eden.

What Can My KI Unlock?

Acquiring a Habitat expands your gameplay possibilities, allowing you to participate in the simplest form of move-to-earn: converting Energy to KI Token for the steps you take, but that’s just the start of the rewards you’ll reap as a Habitat owner.

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can earn by using your KI Token!

Crystal Refinement

Habitats have the ability to spawn one of the five Elemental Classes of unrefined crystals: Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Water. You can harvest corresponding unrefined crystals and use your KI to refine them in your Habitat Laboratory, turning them into Refined Genotype Crystal NFTs. You will need 10 KI for each unrefined crystal you refine into a Refined Genotype Crystal.

You can use your Refined Crystals to:

  • Repair your Habitat and extend its Lifespan.
  • Consume as-is and modify the elemental properties of your Genopet’s visual appearance and battle movesets.
  • Combine to complete valuable recipes, upgrade and customize your gameplay and Genopet’s appearance and abilities.
  • Sell to other players on the open marketplace looking to get a headstart.

Genesis Habitats have the unique advantage of spawning all elements of unrefined crystals and having higher KI earnings caps. By owning a Genesis Habitat, you don’t have to own multiple Habitats or buy Refined Crystals on marketplaces you will need to craft higher-level items.

Habitat Upgrades

There 3 Habitat levels, each with its own advantages, from varying crystal production to being able to spawn terraform seeds. When you’re ready to increase the capacity of your Habitat, you can upgrade it using KI Token to spawn, refine, craft with, use, and sell greater amounts of Refined Crystals.

  • To upgrade from a Lvl 1 Habitat to a Lvl 2 Habitat, you will need 2400 KI.
  • To upgrade from a Lvl 2 Habitat to a Lvl 3 Habitat, you will need 3000 KI.


Owning a Lvl 3 Habitat gives you the ability to spawn Terraform Seed NFTs to terraform (mint) additional Habitats to increase your KI earning cap or sell and lease to other players looking to get ahead.

  • Use Terraform Seeds to terraform new Habitat NFTs.
  • Only Lvl 3 Habitats can spawn Terraform Seeds.
  • You must own a habitat to terraform a habitat.
  • Owning multiple Habitats increases your KI cap. You can have up to 3 Habitats active at one time.
  • The amount of KI required for a given mint is dictated by the Grade of the Terraform Seed being used, ranging from 1,800 to 10,000 KI.


Alchemy is an advanced form of recipe crafting that uses Refined Genotype Crystals. Alchemists can refine unrefined crystals and use them to perform crystal-based crafting, such as terraforming a new Habitats. Refined Crystals are the fundamental ingredient for all forms of Alchemy, which, in combination with KI, produce valuable Items

  • There are currently 70+ crystal-based recipes, all of which use KI and Refined Genotype Crystals to create. Stay tuned for more on the many items you’ll be able to craft soon!
  • Some examples of Alchemical recipes include, but are not limited to: Augments, Primary Chroma Crystals, Secondary Chroma Crystals, Light Crystals, as well as some Potions, Equipment, Toys, Food, and Power-Ups.

Repair & Restoration

Use KI to refine a raw crystal into a Refined Genotype Crystal to repair your Habitat, extending its lifespan. If it becomes dormant, you can use KI to restore it to continue generating more KI Token, spawning unrefined crystals, and refining them into Refined Genotype Crystals.

  • To restore a dormant Lvl 1 Habitat, you will need 1,800 KI
  • To restore a dormant Lvl 2 Habitat, you will need 4,200 KI
  • To restore a dormant Lvl 3 Habitat, you will need 7,200 KI

KI is the Key to In-Game Rewards

Playing Genopets is about building fun and rewarding experiences with in-game assets you can own. Your Habitat allows you to take the KI you earn daily from walking and use it to create, strategize, level up, and monetize your gameplay. Web3 games create a unique opportunity for your in-game efforts to become financial rewards.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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