Ah, the Habitat, home sweet home for your Genopet. From the illuminating terrain to the life it hosts, most all things in the Genoverse are sentient and comprise the same crystalline structure at an atomic level. By having their own Habitats, they feel safe, at ease, and have everything they need to thrive. And once you deliver your Genopet to its new home, you get to begin crafting and earning. As we prepare ourselves for the glory of the great Genesis Habitat reveal, let’s dip our toes into the everflowing wonders that are the Habitats of the Genoverse.

Enter the Habitat through an Esoteric portal to discover your Genopet’s home. Habitats are considered safe havens, existing hidden within interdimensional pockets of the Genoverse. Procedurally generated on the fly, as you mint, to form 3D lo-fi landscape NFTs, Habitats promote and enhance the evolution of your Genopet. Habitats facilitate nurturance among the Genopets and provide shelter to defend themselves against the Nanobot Virus as you delve into new in-game features.

Visual Splendor

The aesthetic of the Genoverse is no better described than “cyber magic,” brimming with the soft glow of the flora, fauna, and everything in between. Each Habitat adorns a variety of unique art determined by its Elemental Class. Earth Habitats have beautiful rock formations, Metal Habitats have towering metal spires, Wood Habitats are shrouded in trees, Fire Habitats are flowing with lava, and Water Habitats, water. Some Habitats will even sport visually distinctive features like a custom flag to support the Guild that owns it or, for the lucky few, a Genesis Emblem. Habitats even mimic your phone’s time cycles so you can ease into your mornings as dawn tickles into the screen and fill your evenings with dreamy twilight.

Habitats are the culmination of over five months and three teams planning the creation of a semi-organic landscape scene to satiate your senses. From the base plate design to the procedural generation, we’ve figured out how to provide another NFT that is both unique and consistent. So, how do you make so many NFTs that are not just beautiful but functional and interactive? With the combined effort of over fifteen highly talented artists, designers, developers, and a custom deterministic grid system, we’ve been able to focus on producing Habitats in a way that turns a piece of art into an in-game asset that melds and meshes with the intended gameplay. Thus, Habitats allow us to introduce you to features, like crafting and nurturing, in a way that is easy to use and navigate, enhancing your experience as you enter the Genoverse.

Elemental Power

From the peace-mongering Genopets to the mystical terrain they traverse, most all things on Esoterra are sentient and comprise the same crystalline structure at an atomic level. And when you refine the raw materials produced by a Habitat, you can transmute them into valuable resources and the building blocks of your gameplay.

All Habitats embody the essence of one out of the five Elemental Classes: Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, and Wood. Each Habitat’s native Element will determine the Class of unrefined crystal it spawns. When you refine the unrefined crystals, they turn into NFTs called Genotype Crystals. Give your Genopet a Genotype Crystal and watch it take on the features of the special elemental properties it carries. If a Genopet consumes a Fire Genotype Crystal, it will have a fiery appearance and adopt a fire-based moveset, and so on.

Note: Just like Genesis Genopets, there are unique advantages to owning a Genesis Habitat. And as Habitats spawn element-specific crystals, a Genesis Habitat has no limit on the class of crystals it generates — it spawns them all — no matter the Element. Read more about Genesis Habitats here!

The Structures You’ll See

Among the current Habitat structures, you will find a Portal, a Workshop, and a Laboratory. The Portal is what you use to get to and from your Habitat. Once you arrive, you’ll see two different structures, one on each side of the Habitat. In the Workshop, you can craft useful in-game items such as toys, food, and tools for your Genopet. The Laboratory is similar to the workshop in being a place where you craft, but, instead, it’s where you go to refine your crystals and perform Alchemy (a particular type of crafting that requires at least 1 Genotype Crystal in the recipe). As your Habitat spawns unrefined crystals, you can bring them to the Laboratory to refine them, turning them into Genotype Crystals.

Click here to read more about the nuances of alchemy, the function of Habitats, and how crystals work.

Your Crypto Catalyst

The magic starts when you endow your Genopet with the elemental canopy of a Habitat. With a Habitat, you’ll be able to guide its evolution and unlock the ability to earn on a regular basis.

Your Habitat spawns unrefined crystals daily. Once refined into Genotype Crystals, you can list them on the open marketplace. Depending on the level, your Habitat can also spawn a Terraform Seed NFT. And as we’ve learned from the Treasure Hunt, that is one of the 6 NFTs needed to form a new Habitat. Ergo, when you own a Habitat, you can create new Habitats, which you can either sell or keep. And because you can have up to 3 active Habitats, you can even produce a steady flow of different Genotype Crystals to give to your Genopet or sell to other players.

The foremost earning opportunity that comes from owning a Habitat is unlocking KI Token earning. As you bank your steps, you are awarded Energy to perform basic in-game functions such as nurturing your Genopet, battling, questing, and earning KI. If you choose to convert your Energy into KI, the level of your Habitat will determine the amount of KI you can earn per day (A.K.A. your KI conversion cap, or KI cap). So, the higher the Habitat level, the more KI Token you can earn, and the longer you hold it, the higher the bonus you net. And if you’re running low on Energy but rich in KI, you can always convert your KI Token back into Energy to battle onward. Stay tuned for our upcoming “Dual Token System” article to learn more.

Parting Thoughts

Owning a Habitat opens the doors to a world of in-game features, benefits, and earning opportunities. And if you’re looking for ways to maximize your in-game earnings, outside of selling your beloved Genopet, you’ve come to the right place. Immerse yourself in the enchanting elemental fortress of a Habitat to see life through the eyes of your Genopet and start reaping the rewards that ensue.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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