Ah, the Habitat — home, sweet home to the Genopet. Unlike typical NFTs, Habitats are not pre-designed, but, rather, procedurally generated on the fly. And every component is brought to life through your in-game actions. tl;dr Habitats aren’t just a photocopy and they don’t look the same for everyone. In fact, every single Habitat is unique and is created on the spot.

From its elemental properties to the foliage placement, to the intricate little structures that occupy it, every detail of each Habitat’s design is determined and created in Unity the moment you decide to mint. And because Habitat features are contingent on your actions, their rarity becomes player-controlled, also holding true for past and future game elements, like Augments and Genopets.

While we bask in the glory of the great Genesis Habitat, let’s dip our toes into the everflowing wonders that are the Habitats of the Genoverse.

Flora & Fauna

Notice little lights twinkling across the foreground? Genopets aren’t the only creatures that like the sanctity of a Habitat! The flora and fauna that inhabit Esoterra also find Habitats to be a cozy retreat. The foliage and its colors are respectively unique to each Habitat’s Elemental Class. Although you may not physically interact, they facilitate an atmosphere fit for a cosmic monarch.


Each Habitat has element-specific formations coming from the ground to create the shape and detail of the given terrain.


A Habitat wouldn’t be a cyber-ancient-future fortress without structures!


The Laboratory is where crystal refinement and alchemy occur. Alchemy is the process of crafting with Genotype Crystals.


The Workshop is where you get to craft useful NFTs that do not call for a Genotype Crystal in the recipe.


Habitats are considered safe havens, existing hidden within interdimensional pockets. Enter the Habitat through an Esoterric portal to discover what your Genopet would call home.


It’s a just lamp 🥲

Exclusive Features

Keep an eye out for Habitats that have exclusive features that truly separate them from the rest.

Genesis Emblem

If you have a Genesis Habitat, you’ll notice the same symbol that Genesis Habitats have, marking it as the first Habitats to ever exist in the Genoverse.

Guild Flag

Guilds that have invested in Genopets and acquired Habitats will have custom branded Habitats with a flag instead of a lamp. While this does not serve any additional utility in the game, this flag is a persona identifier and allows them to rep their community.

Elemental Power

All Habitats embody the essence of one out of the five Elemental Classes: Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, and Wood. The Elemental Class then determines the color scheme of the Habitat and the class of unrefined crystals that it spawns. When you refine the unrefined crystals, they turn into NFTs called Genotype Crystals. Give your Genopet a Genotype Crystal and watch it take on the features of the special elemental properties it carries, or use it as crafting material! Now, Genesis Habitats are another story. Genesis Habitats can spawn ALL classes of unrefined crystals, regardless of their Elemental Class.

Day/Night Cycles

Brimming with a soft glow as the dawn emerges to guide your day into a dreamy twilight, your Habitat will sync with your phone’s clock to simulate day and night. You and your Genopet will have the same sleep schedule. Remember to rest.

Parting Thoughts

Habitats are procedurally generated NFTs that undergo a very delicate process that calls for a precise balance of art and engineering to accurately execute. Just like with the Genopets NFTs, we’re not only merging technical 3D modeling with a modular and procedural system, but we’ve given Habitats in-game utility. From the peace-mongering Genopets to the illuminating terrains, all things in the Genoverse are sentient, and most comprise the same crystalline structure at an atomic level. Genopets have a natural inclination to take whatever route necessary to find serenity and forage for raw materials to survive. And by having their own Habitats, they’re safe in an elemental canopy, abundant with everything they need to thrive.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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