Hopefully, by now, you know Genopets is free to play, but you'll need a Habitat if you want to start earning continuously. You may not know that it’s not as simple as just owning a Habitat. That beautiful home for your Genopet that lets you earn KI Tokens from your Energy and craft items to use in the game needs to be maintained to keep it performing at its peak.

There is a slew of Habitat Management actions for you to take advantage of on Mainframe. Here are the 5 Key Facts you need to know to become an expert on Habitat Dormancy and Repairs ⬇️

Key Fact 01: Habitats Decay

Your Habitat is like a house for your Genopet. And just like houses in the “real world,” it decays over time if not maintained. Once a Habitat is fully decayed, it enters a state called Dormancy. The number of days left until your Habitat reaches dormancy is its Lifespan. When a Habitat is dormant, Lifespan=0.

Key Fact 02: Dormancy = Blocked Actions

When your Habitat is dormant, it will stop spawning Unrefined Crystals. You will also lose the ability to Refine Crystals and Harvest KI in your Habitat. When crafting is released, players will also lose the ability to craft in their Laboratory while their Habitat is Dormant. 

Essentially, when your Habitat is Dormant, you lose all the benefits of why you purchased a Habitat in the first place. And you’ll never be able to make up for the lost KI and Unrefined Crystals you missed out on—which is essentially throwing away money and crafting supplies!

Key Fact 03: Repair Your Habitat to Fend off Dormancy

While decay is naturally occurring, it is possible to prolong the process and push off dormancy by Repairing your Habitat. 

How do you Repair your Habitat: To Repair your Habitat, you’ll need Genotype Crystals that are the same element as your Habitat. That’s why you should be refining Crystals daily!

How many times can you Repair a Habitat: Your Habitat’s Durability dictates how many times its Lifespan can be repaired, aka how many extra days can be added to your Habitat’s Lifespan. Durability is directly related to the level of your Habitat, so if you want your Habitat to live longer, upgrade your Habitat.

Why should you Repair your Habitat daily: Though not necessary*, it is a good habit to Repair your Habitat once a day rather than waiting for bulk repair later. If you don’t, you risk forgetting to bulk Repair before your Habitat’s Lifespan hits 0. 

*Guild Habitats must repair every day, or else they face a step in efficiency decay

Key Fact 04: Restore Your Habitat to Bring It Back From The Dead

Once your Habitat is fully decayed, aka Dormant, the only way to bring it back to working order is to Restore it.

How do you Restore your Habitat: To Restore your Habitat, you’ll pay a revival cost in KI Tokens. The amount of KI required is directly related to the Level of Habitat being restored. When your Habitat is Restored, it will regain its original Durability. 

Why should you restore your Habitat: If you let your Habitat go Dormant, you’ll miss out on the ability to receive Unrefined Crystals, Harvest KI, Refine Crystals, or craft once the feature is unlocked. 

Key Fact 05: All Habitats Will Eventually Reach Dormancy

As organic beings, all Habitats will eventually run through their Durability and reach a state of Dormancy. The higher level your Habitat is, the longer your Habitat will live before needing to be Restored with KI Token, but all will eventually reach a Lifespan of 0. 

However, once you Repair your Habitat, it will regain 90 days of Lifespan—regardless of Habitat level—and the Durability of its level, and the cycle starts again. 

Key Definitions

Lifespan: the amount of life remaining in a Habitat (measured in # of days until Dormancy); can be refilled to a limited extent through Crystal burn; the higher the number, the better

Dormant: the state in which a Habitat is fully decayed; when a Habitat reaches this state, all economic actions are stopped 

Repair: the act of burning a Crystal to increase the current Lifespan. Lifespan can be increased beyond the initial starting value of 90

Durability: maximum # of times a Habitat can be repaired; maximum # of days that can be added to a Habitat’s Lifespan

Restore: the act of burning KI Token to bring a Habitat back from Dormancy

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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