Alchemy is an ancient, magic-like process that has been around for centuries. Fun Fact: it is often referred to as the medieval forerunner of Chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter.

Within the Genoverse, Alchemy refers to all Crystal-based Crafting that takes place in the Laboratory of a Habitat. While it requires strict adherence to predetermined Recipes, Genovian Alchemy is not an exact science—chaotic elements of luck and chance play a key role in the process. 

An Important Truth: There Are No Guarantees

When you are following the Recipe for a Reagent, you will know exactly what you are Crafting—a Horn Reagent, a Wing Reagent, a Tail Reagent, etc. But other Recipes aren’t as straightforward. 

Recipes for items like Chroma Crystals and Augments include doses of luck and chance for which you will have no control—when placing your items in the Laboratory, you’ll know generically what you are Crafting, but not specifically what you are Crafting. The Type of the item you are Crafting is guaranteed, but you will have no knowledge of its Style or  Class—that's where luck and chance play their parts. 

Type: Refers to the item's general purpose within the game (Augment, Cosmetic, Toy, Reagent, etc.)

Family: A sub-set of Type; Items from the same Family are identical in usage but may vary in quality or effect

  • Augment Families are defined by Part (the part of the Genopet's body where the Augment is meant to be equipped) and Style (the distinctive aesthetic look of the Augment).

  • Cosmetic Families are defined by use (Adsynth, Subsynth, Lume).

Style: Refers to what the item looks like 

ClassThe range of power levels or stat modifiers of an Augment (common, uncommon, rare)

  • The higher the Class, the more powerful the Augment.

Classes are denoted by color & shape (▲, ♦, ⬟, etc)

Need an example? Here are specific items to bring you clarity.

If you are Crafting an Augment, you will know specifically what Part you are creating based on the Reagent used—say a Tail Augment—but you will not know the Style of Augment—Anais, Tetra, or Moebu—or the Class—common, uncommon, or rare—that will be generated. 

If you are Crafting a Chroma Crystal, you will know specifically what Family of Chroma Crystal you are Crafting—Adsynth, Subsynth, or Lume Crystals—but you will not know the Color or Palette of the Chroma Crystal—meaning the Variant (Palette + Color) being Crafted will remain a mystery to you.

Crafting Requires Great Patience and Continual Effort

That's why Crafting requires great patience and continual effort. If you are Crafting to change the look of your Genopet, you will likely need to Craft multiple times to get the specific Style of Wing Augment or the right color of Adsynth Crystal you want.

If you’re Crafting with Battle in mind, you’ll want to put even more effort into Crafting. Why? You’ll want to pay attention to the Augment's Class and Variant because they will significantly impact your Battle stats.

Variant: unique versions of an Item that may have special abilities

  • Augment Variants may have different power, stat modifiers, or Abilities (moves in battle).

  • Chroma Crystal Variants may represent the exact color of the Crystal, such as Royal Purple (Palette + Color), or they could denote a special ability like the Alkali Variant featured in the Recipe Hunt. Alkali crystals have a special ability that allow players to choose the exact color the Chroma Crystal will became. 

Variants are denoted by their name, i.e., "Enhanced" or "Superior" Naruza

In Alchemy, you can craft either the original Augment, an Enhanced Variant, or a Superior Variant. An Enhanced is stronger than the original, and a Superior is stronger than the Enhanced within a Class. Besides stats, there are no different abilities for these Variants.

From special events, like the Recipe Hunt, variants like Alkali may appear. While the exact abilities of those variants have not been released yet, most event based variants will have special effects from their traditional counterparts.

Players who want to be superior in Battle will want to outfit their Genopets with as many uncommon and rare Augments as possible that are of Enhanced or Superior Variants to increase the power of their attack and defense moves.

The Class—or whether the Augment is common, uncommon, or rare—is determined by various drop rates. When Crafting an Augment with a Reagent, the resulting Augment will have the following odds:

  • Common- 70%

  • Uncommon- 25%

  • Rare- 5%

Additional requirements must be met if you are looking to Craft Legendary or Mythic Variants of an Augment. Because of the powerful nature of these Variants, they cannot be randomly produced through the standard augment-crafting mechanic.

Closing Thoughts

Alchemy unlocks new levels of gameplay and strategy. While other forms of Crafting—Terraforming and Refinement—are a straightforward science, Alchemy leaves the Crafting mechanics open to the influences of luck and chance. You must show strong fortitude and practice continuously to Craft the specific items you are looking for. 

There is nearly 250 items players will be able to Craft, so start strategizing about what items could be key to your gameplay and begin building up your arsenal! 

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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