With the latest update, v0.6.1, Augmentation has launched and Genopet customization is officially in your hands. Not only is this exciting, but it's also revolutionary. Why? Genopets aren’t your typical JPEG PFPs. They are fully customizable NFTs that are playable in-game and become more rare and valuable the more you play. With Augmentation, you have the ability to continuously personalize and update your NFTs to customize their looks and stats in the game. 

The Typical NFT Experience

When you purchase an NFT, the experience goes roughly like this: 

  1. You find a collection of NFTs that you like

  2. You search through the collection for the NFT you like most

  3. You decide whether or not you can afford to purchase that NFT

  4. You purchase the NFT 

  5. Maybe you use the NFT as a PFP to show it off, or maybe it just sits in your wallet 

That process is fine. It’s today’s status quo. But wouldn’t it be way cooler? What if you could do more with your NFT? What if you could customize it in a way that could increase its value, in a way that allowed it to grow with you?

The Genopets Experience

Owning a Genopet NFT is a completely different experience than the typical NFT. 

  1. Summon a Genopet for Free in-app or buy a Genopet on Magic Eden

  2. Start playing the Genopets to level up your Genopet and its rarity

  3. Mint your Genopet as an NFT (available in future releases)

  4. Customize and upgrade it by Crafting or buying Augments

  5. Flex your Genopet in-app on the leaderboard or on Twitter as your PFP

Customizing Your Genopet

Regardless of how you and your Genopet meet, becoming friends isn’t the end of the experience. With Augmentation, you are able to continuously change your Genopet. Your progress in-game is reflected on-chain as a tradable NFT. Whereas the look of other NFTs is static and set in stone, a Genopet NFT is constantly evolving. Other than a Genopet’s body and head, you can change the Ears, Eyes, Antennae, Horn, Mane, Wings, or Tail to more specifically change up the way your Genopet looks—I say more specifically because a player’s Genopet will naturally change via evolution every 7 levels.

Using Cosmetic Crystals, you will also be able to change the primary, secondary, and light line coloring of your Genopet. Rather than having to settle for the color choices made by the artistic team behind an NFT collection, you can change every color aspect of your NFT to make it truly your own. 

Selling Your Genopet NFT

When it comes to selling a Genopet NFT versus selling NFTs from other projects, the customization of Genopets continues to benefit you, the player. Whereas the perceived value of a project determines the value of an NFT, the value of a Genopets NFT is determined by the value of Genopets and how you have customized your Genopet before listing.

If you’re looking to validate a higher listing price, perhaps you’ll use Cosmetic Crystals to make your Genopet a super rare color combination, or a community favorite—like all black or all white. You may also choose to suit your Genopet with Uncommon, Rare, or Legendary Augments that will come with superior Battle Stats.

Closing Thoughts

Genopets has created a revolutionary NFT experience. Owning a Genopet is not about owning an NFT created by someone else; it's about becoming a part of the process and putting your own personal stamp on the NFT. There are no static NFTs in the Genoverse—they evolve with your gameplay and can be customized to represent your personal tastes and desires. 

What makes Web3 and the blockchain so exciting is that they give users a new level of autonomy and ownership over their identity and assets. Via the customization available through Augmentation, Genopets represents the next generation of putting power in people’s hands within Web3.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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