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The World's First
Move-to-Earn NFT Game

Your Digital


A Genopet is your NFT spirit animal encoded with your personality and fitness data. Stay active with health wearables to guide the destiny of your Genopet and unlock your full potential. As you evolve⁠—it evolves.

A True

Role Playing Game

Genopets is the first Move-to-Earn MMORPG that rewards you for exercising your mind and body. Transform your real-life movement into $KI tokens to use in battle, craft valuable items, and upgrade your Genopet’s style and performance.

Battle Arena

Enter the battle arena to compete in fast-paced mini games. Sharpen your reaction time, memory, and overall cognition to become the next Arena Champion. Play-for-Keeps and reap items and move-sets from your defeated opponents.

Play To Earn

Summon your Genopet for free and start trading your sweat for$KI. There are countless ways to earn in the Genoverse. Trade crafted items, accessories, move-sets, and land on NFT marketplaces, or just trade $KI itself on exchanges.


Phase 1

Nurture and Evolve

  • • Mint your Genopet as a representation of you
  • • Earn $KI tokens daily as an early adopter
  • • Train your Genopet and build it a home

Phase 2

Battle & NFT Marketplace

  • • Battle with friends in cognitive mini-games
  • • Collect & trade rare NFT in-game items and abilities
  • • Participate in the prediction market as a spectator

Phase 3

Real World Integration

  • • Move-to-Earn - Receive $KI for staying active
  • • Integrate with wearable & health data sources
  • • Upgrade your Genopet by importing your biometric data using a zero-knowledge protocol


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