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The Genoverse


Your journey into the Genoverse begins with the summoning of your digital familiar. Your Genopet is encoded with your psychographic and biometric data from the start making it provably unique to you. These personal traits are then run through a secure algorithm to determine your Genopet’s starting aesthetic and performance attributes.


As your digital familiar, your Genopet stays with you for life in the form of an NFT. Genopets is not simply a breeding game, it’s an evolution game. You shape your destiny through in-game choices and real-world actions earning $KI token as you play. Your decisions at these stages shape your pet’s aesthetic, skills, and moveset.


Challenge your friends to battles by playing cognitive mini games to win $KI or participate as a spectator in the prediction market and win from the sidelines. Your performance in these fast-paced games of skill is designed to challenge your reaction speed, memory, spatial awareness, and other cognitive factors.


Embark on quests solo or with friends to discover hidden realms and find rare collectible digital assets and abilities (NFTs) to enhance your in-game status. Once you’ve had your fill of glory and loot, leave the confines of the Arena on quests and immerse yourself in a journey to the center of the Genoverse.