• Genopets has a player-created economy in which players will control the supply and demand of items
  • Wen Crafting? Crafting will launched on December 8th at 10 PM UTC
  • What is Crafting? Crafting is the ultimate utility for Habitats. Use your Habitat’s workshop to create other items you can use or sell in the game
  • What can you Craft? Players can Craft Augments, Terraform new Habitats, Refine Crystals, Power-ups (future releases), Toys (future releases), and much more using their Habitat
  • How do you Craft? Grab a Habitat on Magic Eden to start crafting on Mainframe
  • How much will Crafting cost? The start of Crafting will feature lower Crafting Costs to reward the community, encourage testing, and allow the community to have a say in crafting prices. Once a fair cost is identified, the cost of Crafting will rise significantly — requiring more KI, GENE, or Crystals to Craft
  • What are the benefits of Crafting? Crafting is the unlock for the Genopets economy. It gives players control over creating items players desire in the game. To start, you’ll be able to make Augments and Chroma Crystals which allow you to customize your Genopet to increase its battle stats and how it looks to increase its rarity and potentially make them more valuable in the marketplace too

Genopets is putting more than just ownership of items into the hands of players, we’re also putting the power of creating them in your hands starting December 8th! Crafting is the key to the Genopets Player Created Economy.

Crafting in Genopets bridges the gap between players as producers and consumers of the Genoverse economy — Habitat-owning players have the power to determine item availability and supply. While the Genopets team has conceptualized items that can be crafted and the ingredients required, it is up to you, the players, to craft those items into existence and fuel a player-created economy.

What is Crafting? — A simple explanation

Crafting is the process of creating SFTs and NFTs — including Augments, Boosts, and Habitats — using specific recipes and a workshop that can be used or listed on marketplaces.

To craft, you must have access to a Habitat — either by purchasing one off of Magic Eden or renting one as an Alchemist from another player. Crafting is one of the primary utilities for KI, Crystals, and GENE in the game to create items players can use (or sell) to upgrade, customize, and enhance their gameplay experience. Through this system, players can:

  • Refine Genotype Crystals, the base layer ingredients used in all other crafting recipes.
  • Terraform new Habitats to increase your capacity, rent out, or sell to other players.
  • Create and trade powerful in-game cosmetics, augments, and other utility items

What can you Craft — a breakdown of the three types of Crafting

Alchemy: the process by which players can combine Refined Crystals of all types in recipes with other ingredients like GENE and KI tokens to craft in-game Items, ranging from body parts (Augments) to power-ups.

These items can be used to power up and customize your Genopet or traded on marketplaces.

Each Alchemizable item will have its own specific set of required ingredients. Some basic recipes will be released for immediate utilization; other, more advanced recipes will have to be won or discovered via in-game challenges or as part of seasonal launches. Check out the initial recipes released in Alkali’s Crafting Notebook.

Refinement: the process of transforming an Unrefined Genotype Crystal into a Refined Genotype Crystal using a Habitat’s Refinery

Every Habitat naturally spawns Unrefined Crystals every day — the level of the Habitat determines the daily amount. Crystals not refined each day are lost. The benefit of owning or renting a Genesis Habitat is that they are not limited in their spawning capabilities. While traditional Habitats can only spawn Unrefined Crystals that match their elemental type, Genesis Habitats have the ability to spawn all 5 types of elemental Crystals.

Unrefined Crystals spawned by a Genesis Habitat have no native elemental type. Players will choose the elemental type of crystal during the refinement process

An Unrefined Crystal is not a tokenized asset until it is minted and refined. Once refined, the Crystal is minted as an SFT, an on-chain game asset a Refined Crystal — that can now be used by players for Crafting or listed on marketplaces to be traded with other players. Refined Crystals are the most basic element of the Crafting game, used in all different quantities and types according to recipes to make other items in the game. If you want to be crafting, you’ll need to stock up on many Crystals of every element.

The requirements for Crystal Refinement:

  1. Unrefined Crystal
  2. KI (10 required per crystal)
  3. Habitat Refinery

Terraformation: the process by which Habitat-owning players can mint new Habitats

Genesis Habitats (the first Habitats ever created) were Terraformed by players during the first Genopets Treasure Hunt. Going forward, an existing Habitat is required to Terraform a brand-new Habitat. Any Habitat can be used to Terraform a new L1 Habitat, provided all component requirements are met.

The requirements for Terraformation are:

  1. Terraform seed (x1)
  2. Refined Crystal of desired Elemental type (x3)
  3. Habitat Laboratory
  4. GENE (5)
  5. KI

Notes on Terraformation:

  • Players must own a Habitat to Terraform. Alchemists renting from other players will not be granted Terraforming capabilities
  • The amount of KI required will depend on the Terraform Seed’s Grade
  • Each Habitat Terraformed in this way will embody a particular Elemental essence (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal). The element of the Refined Crystals utilized will determine the element of the produced Habitat

Crafting Costs — take advantage of lower costs at launch

When Crafting launches on December 8th, the cost of Crafting each Recipe will be significantly lower than where we think it should be in the future. We expect that after the first few weeks of Crafting, gathering feedback from the community, and looking at things like trading volume and use of the feature, we’ll be able to establish a proper baseline for pricing in the new year.

This means that the number of elemental type of crystals and the amount of KI or GENE for any given item recipe may change. By Crafting early, you can Craft more for less. So Craft early and often!

Check out the whitepaper and Alkali’s Crafting Notebook to learn the Crafting Costs of released Recipes, including refinement, Terraformation, and certain Reagents and Augments.

Why Craft — the benefits of a player-created economy

Economic Benefits

Crafting is intended to bridge the gap between players as producers and consumers of the Genoverse economy. As the crafting tree expands, player-consumers will be able to dictate demand for items of their choice; based on individual preference or what is popular or effective in the metagame at the time. Player-creators who excel at collecting recipes and meeting the market demand can amplify their earning potential far beyond simple token conversion.

For a deeper dive into our player-created economy, check out our whitepaper.

In-Game Benefits — Enhancing Battle Skills, Looks, Rarity, and Energy

The items you’ll be able to Craft will have major benefits to power your in-game play and allow you to customize your Genopet to your heart’s content.


Having a large arsenal of Augments will also allow you to customize your Genopet’s looks. Pretty much no one has managed to look at all the Genopets in the Genoverse and not be envious of another’s tail, eyes, or coloring. Crafting Augments will allow you to swap out different aspects of your Genopet.

And crafting Aesthetic Items like Chroma Crystals will allow you to change the colors of your pet too! You’ll be able to customize the primary, secondary and light lines on your Genopet. To learn more about Chroma Crystals, read this article.

Genopets | Phase II Whitelist Beta on Twitter: "We know your secret...Solve the puzzles in the Treasure Hunt to get the earliest access to these new crystals. Adsynth, Subsynth, & Lume-key items to make your Genopet truly yours🔑 / Twitter"

We know your secret...Solve the puzzles in the Treasure Hunt to get the earliest access to these new crystals. Adsynth, Subsynth, & Lume-key items to make your Genopet truly yours🔑

At the end of the day, your Genopet is meant to represent you, so start crafting and customizing!


Decking out your Genopet with Augments and Chroma Crystals will also allow you to increase your Genopet’s rarity and potentially make them more valuable.

How so? All Augments are assigned a class based on the likelihood that a player will randomly craft them — common, uncommon, or rare. Adding Augments to your Genopet that few players can craft will increase your Genopet’s rarity. For example, in the latest Treasure Hunt, players had the opportunity to craft a Legendary Ear Augment that could only be minted 300 times and will never be available again. Genopets with those ears may be substantially more valuable than a Genopet with common ears because only 300 Genopets can have them.

The same goes for Chroma Crystals. As players use Chroma Crystals to change the colors of their Genopets, specific colors and color combinations will become rarer. If your Genopet’s colors differ from the rest of the Genoverse, their rarity will increase.

Battle (Future Mechanic Release)

When Battle is released, having a store of Augments will become imperative if you want to come out on top. Every Genopet has base stats — Attack, Defense, Speed, & HP — tied to their specific head and body. Every time they level up, those base stats increase.

Augments act as multipliers for a Genopet’s base stats. This means the augments you equip affect your Genopet’s looks, strength, and fighting style. Each Augment also comes with an attack, buff, or hack — allowing you to customize your play style. The more augments you have in your arsenal, the more options you have to tailor your strategy.

To learn more about how Augments will impact Battle, check out this article, read our whitepaper, or read the Augments section of Alkali’s Crafting Notebook.

Energy (Future Item Release)

Maybe you want more Energy for gameplay but don’t want to evolve your Genoept because you LOVE how they look as a stage 2, or maybe you’re struggling to walk enough to gain the Energy required to level up. Regardless of why you might be looking to increase your Step Efficiency, crafting Energy Boosts are the solution you’ve been waiting for.

While only certain lucky Treasure Hunters crafted a 2x Energy Boost in the Legendary Lab, players with access to a Habitat will be able to craft Energy Boosts of varying levels in the future.

Crafting will be released on Mainframe on December 8th, and a new world of gameplay and economic opportunities will open for Genovians. We are intentionally setting prices low at the start of Crafting to reward the community and encourage testing and feedback — so take advantage before prices change and start assembling an arsenal to prepare for battle and to customize your pet. From here on out, you’ll be in charge of your Genopet’s destiny and Genopet’s economy — we can’t wait to see what heights you bring them to!

 ● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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