We know your dirty little secret…you want to change up parts of your Genopet. This is a safe space. It’s okay to admit you want to customize them. In fact, that’s the whole point.

Before hatching, we all wished about what our Genopet would look like — what ears they’d have and what colors they’d be. Some of us jumped for joy when our baby appeared, and some said, “oh my gosh, it’s so cute, but….”

Well, the Genoverse has your back, and augments aren’t the only way to change your Genopet’s appearance. You will also be able to craft Chroma Crystals that will change the colors of your pet.

There are three different types of Chroma Crystals that will allow you to customize your Genopet’s coloration: Adsynth Chroma Crystals, Subsynth Chroma Crystals, and Lume Crystals.

Adsynth Chroma Crystal

If you want to change your Genopet’s primary color, you will need an Adsynth Chroma Crystal. What is that? It’s an alchemical crystal* that alters your Genopet’s Adsynth shell — AKA it’s main coloring.

There are currently 10 different types** of Adsynth Chroma Crystals.

Subsynth Chroma Crystal

Want to change your Genopet’s secondary color? You’ll need to get your hands on a Subsynth Chroma Crystal. What is that? It’s an alchemical crystal that alters, you guessed it, your Genopet’s Subsynth shell — AKA its secondary coloring.

Like Adsynth Chroma Crystals, there are currently 10 different types of Subsynth Chroma Crystals.

Lume Crystal

Want to change your pet’s light lines? Craft or buy a Lume Crystal, an alchemical crystal that alters a Genopet’s light lines.

How Long Do They Last

Better than the most permanent hair dyes, your pet’s new colors will last until you want to change them with new Chroma Crystals. This is fantastic because you’ll never have to worry about maintenance to keep your Genopet looking fresh. But this means that if you ever want to return to your Genopet’s original look, you’ll need to craft or buy the appropriate Chroma Crystals to make that happen. There is no “undo” button in the Genoverse.


When applying Chroma Crystals, you can use just 1 crystal or apply all 3. Customize to your heart’s content.

Want to make your pet’s main color forest green? Done.

Want an all-white baby with canary yellow light seams? Boom.

Want a fuschia Genopet with tangerine accents and ocean-blue light seams? Spicy, and you can do it!

Once the Genopets community begins applying Chroma Crystals to their pets, the rarity of certain colored Genopets will change. Funky color combinations may become rarer than black pets, which we know many of you wanted during hatching.

We’re excited to see what color combinations are created and what changes to color rarity in the Genoverse are caused as you use these crystals to personalize your Genopets. At the end of the day, your Genopet is meant to represent you, so go forth and customize!

Time-Sensitive Opportunity!

The Treasure Hunt prize pool includes limited-edition Adsynth, Subsynth, and Lume Crystals. These will be the only Chroma Crystals that allow the player to choose the color of the crystal. All other Chroma Crystals will be assigned a color that the player has no control over during crafting.

Want the chance to win one of these limited-edition crystals? Join the Treasure Hunt here.

*Alchemical crystal — crystal created through the process of alchemy
**In the future, there will be additional color variations of Adsynth Chroma Crystals, Subsynth Chroma Crystals, and Lume Crystals made available through crafting.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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