• Augments and Cosmetic Crystals can be used to customize the look of your Genopet
    • Augments allow you to customize physical build
    • Cosmetic Crystals allow you to customize coloring
  • Customization allows you to increase a Genopet's Battle Stat and Marketplace rarities
  • Buy Augments and Cosmetic Crystals on Magic Eden or Craft them on Mainframe
  • Augments and Cosmetic Crystals are SFTs, so you must have a wallet connected to your game account to own and use them​

Customization is a key part of gaming. It is just as important for players to be able to express their personality within the virtual world as it is in the “real world.” Why? Because your avatar is an extension of you. 

And within the Genoverse, the expression of you is even more important than what is typically demanded from a video game. Why? Because you are not just the player. You are the creator; you are the power; you are the Genopet. 

And customizing your pet is about more than just looks. While all summoned Genopets start common, they’ll become more rare as they evolve; just like you. Through Augmentation you can increase the rarity of your Genopet, Crafting and applying Uncommon and Rare Augments across their body. Essentially, you’ll be able to constantly upgrade and downgrade the rarity of your pet based on your preference.

Nailing Your Look

Now you may be wondering, “If me and my personality are so vital to the Genoverse, how can I express myself? And how can I do so continuously? I don’t even get to choose what my Genopet looks like.”

When you first summon your Baby Genopet, your personality is imbued into your pet. When reading your Genopet’s description, you should feel a sense of oneness with them psychologically.

However, while your personality influences the colors and Augments of your Genopet, you may not feel your Genopet is an aesthetic representation of yourself right off the bat. That is okay! Answering summoning questions guarantees you a one-of-a-kind Genopet, as unique as you are; and is only the beginning of customizing your Genopet, not the end. 

Whether your Genopet is Stage 1 or Stage 12, you will be able to continuously reinvent its appearance through Augmentation and the use of Cosmetic Crystals. 


Augmentation is the ability to customize parts of your Genopet to change its looks and Battle Stats. The parts of the Genopet you can swap out are called Augments; and they include the Antennae, Ears, Horn, Eyes, Mane, Wings, and Tail of a Genopet. The only aspects of your Genopet you will not be able to change with Augmentation are your Genopet’s head and body shape...for now. 

And if you’re thinking, “Wait! But what if my Genopet wasn’t summoned with a Horn or Wings or etc.???? I want them to have it!” Don’t worry. You’ll be able to add all Augments to your Genopet regardless of if they were originally summoned with them. In future releases, you’ll also be able to remove Augments without replacing them whenever you want. This way, your Genopet’s style will be able to evolve as your own aesthetic tastes change.

Maybe you wanna start a trend a la Mean Girls and on Wednesdays your Genopet wears Wings. Have at it! The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.

And customization via Augmentation isn’t just about having Wings or not, it's about what Wings you want. There will be a plethora of Augment Styles when Augmentation is released, with more to come in the future. 

Style refers to the look of the Augment. So if you want to go for a classic look, maybe you’ll want to equip your Genopet with an Aelier Wing and an Eri Horn. But if you wanna get funky, you could apply a Dactyl Wing to them and a Firon Tail.

Regardless of what Augments you choose to apply and which Styles you prefer, you’ll be able to adapt your Genopet’s physical appearance and stature through Augmentation.

Cosmetic Crystals

Colors are one of the best ways to express your personality. Maybe you love bold, cyber-punk neons. Maybe you’re into more natural and subdued forest-greens. The way you choose to outfit yourself and your Genopet says a lot about you. And within the Genoverse, we want to maximize the extent to which you can express yourself.

That is why not one, not two, but three different Cosmetic Crystals have been developed. You can use them each individually, or use a combination of them to revamp your Genopet’s style whenever you want. 

Adsynth Crystals will change your Genopet’s primary coloring. So if you’re looking to make a drastic change, this is the Crystal for you.

A slightly more subtle update can be made using a Subsynth Crystal, which changes your Genopet’s secondary coloring. 

And if you’re looking to slightly tweak your Genopet’s appearance, a Lume Crystal is a great choice. With a Lume Crystal, you’ll be able to update your Genopet’s light lines. 

You’ll be able to apply these Crystals whenever you want, but there are no take-backs or undos! If you want to go back to an old color combo, you’ll need to Craft or purchase that color Cosmetic Crystal again and apply it. When it's released, the Genodex Studio will be a huge help when it comes to color decisions—you’ll be able to test out color combos and Augments in a stress-free environment. Then you can Craft or purchase the Augments and Cosmetic Crystals you need to bring that version of your Genopet to life.

Rarity On The Rise

Applying Augments and Cosmetic Crystals won’t only help you showcase your personality; they’ll also affect your Genopet’s Rarity and stats in the game. 

Battle Stat Rarity

Your Genopet’s Augments affect their Battle Stats. So if you’re looking to be a beast in Battle and want to use rare attacks and move sets, you’ll need to acquire Rare Augments. There are Common, Uncommon, and Rare versions of all Augment Styles, so feel free and bulk up your Genopet with multiple Rare Augments to maximize their superiority against opponents. 

Marketplace Rarity

If you plan to mint your Genopet into an NFT, at some point, you’ll likely be considering Marketplace Rarity. Looks-wise, you’ll want your Genopet to stand out from the others—to be eye-catching and scroll-stopping. That may mean making them a color that is uncommon or applying Augments that few have Crafted. If you pay attention to the trends and aspirations of other players, you may be able to leverage Augmentation to maximize your profit when selling your Genopet. 

How To Get Augments and Crystals

If you don’t already have Augments and Cosmetic Crystals, have no fear, here is all you need to know to start your customization journey.

  1. Get a wallet and attach it to your game account—read this article if you need help

  2. Go to Magic Eden and purchase Augments or Crysals from other players

  3. Go to Mainframe and Craft Augments or Crystals

Closing Thoughts

Augmentation and Cosmetic Crystals are game-changers when it comes to the customization of Genopets. Together, they allow for the infinite personalization of your Genopet, no matter how or how many times your aesthetic preferences change. 

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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