• July 21, 2023 is the launch of Crafting Seasons!

  • New exclusive Augments, Cosmetics, Boosts, etc will be available to mint via crafting in your Habitats at that time.

  • With each new Season, the majority of the prior seasons items will no longer be available to mint.

  • 70% of currently craftable Augments and 53% of currently craftable Cosmetic color changing crystals will no longer be available to mint in your recipe book on Mainframe.

  • Season 1 will include new color palettes, new Augments, the ability to craft Energy Boosts and Textures, as well as the introduction of a Style Set Bonus

Crafting is a fundamental part of Genopets, allowing players to shape and drive the game economy. What is Crafting? TLDR it's the ability for Habitat owning Genopets players to mint Augments, Cosmetic Color Crystals, and Boosts to use or sell to other players. Get the full breakdown here and a tutorial on how to get started here.

As we move forward, we aim to provide a more structured framework for releasing web3 content, particularly when it comes to recipes and craftable items. We have an abundance of innovative ideas for future craftable items, and to ensure an organized and cohesive experience, we're introducing Crafting Seasons.

The Benefit of Crafting Seasons To Crafters

Crafting Seasons are an exhilarating time in the Genoverse, as they signify the arrival of new and fresh items rotating into the crafting ecosystem. The ever-changing nature of Seasons ensures that there will always be something exciting to discover and create. Each Season introduces unique craftable items, expanding the possibilities for customization and self-expression. As these new items enter the scene, they also create a sense of rarity and exclusivity amongst the crafting community. Players will eagerly anticipate the release of each Season, seeking out these coveted items to enhance their Genopets and stand out in the vibrant world of Genoverse.

Season 0

Before we launch into Season 1, let's take a moment to reflect on Season 0—the period leading up to the official start of Crafting Seasons. Season 0 encompasses all the craftable items introduced since the inception of Crafting. These items have become integral to the Genoverse, allowing players to express their unique style and creativity. When Season 0 concludes, 70% of augments and 53% of cosmetics that were previously available for crafting will no longer be accessible. This evolution ensures that the Genoverse remains dynamic and ever-evolving, offering new opportunities for discovery and creative expression in each subsequent Season.

But don’t stress! Stocking up on Season 0 items just became easier thanks to Season 0 Promo Pricing. We’ve also released all Season 0 Recipes, so check out your recipe books on Mainframe and get crafting!

Season 1

Crafting Season 1 officially launches on July 21, 2023. This inaugural Season will introduce a plethora of captivating features and newly craftable items.

Season-Specific Pallets

Prepare to be dazzled by five new color combinations, resulting in a stunning collection of 15 Cosmetic Crystals across Adsynth, Subsynth, and Lume Crystals. Ben has meticulously crafted these five unique looks for your Genopet to rock during Season 1. These exclusive palettes will replace a selection of existing Cosmetic Crystals, representing the essence of this inaugural season.

Season-Specific Augments

Unlock a world of imagination and strategic possibilities with the introduction of 16 exclusive Styles of Augments in Season 1. These exclusive Augments have been carefully crafted to embody the essence of this inaugural season, featuring unique designs and captivating abilities.

What makes Season 1 Augments truly special is not just their aesthetics, but also their stats. If you're someone who thrives in competitive battles and wants to ensure you always have the best arsenal at your disposal, it's crucial to stock up on these Augments throughout the season. As battles and challenges in the Genoverse continue to evolve, you never know what weapons and stats you'll need to emerge victorious.

By acquiring and strategically utilizing Season 1 Augments, you'll be able to fine-tune your Genopet's abilities to match your playstyle and stay one step ahead of the competition. Build a formidable arsenal of unique augments, harnessing their exclusive stats and unleashing powerful combinations to dominate battles and conquer the ever-changing landscape of the Genoverse.

And now that Style Set Bonuses have been announced, the Augments of Season 1 will be the first Augments in the Genoverse that will give players additional stat boosts and abilities. Since the Augments of Season 0 were not designed as sets, only Genopets outfitted with Season 1 Augments or Genesis Augments can receive Style Set Bonuses.

Remember, Season 1 augments are a limited-time opportunity. Once the season concludes, these specific stat combinations will no longer be craftable, making them highly coveted and rare. So seize the moment, dive into the crafting journey, and secure your arsenal of exclusive augments to pave your way to victory in the Genoverse.

New Craftable Items

But that's not all! We're thrilled to unveil two exciting types of craftable items. The first of which is an Energy Boost—an invaluable resource that will skyrocket your Genopet's performance to new heights. Currently, only owners of Genesis Genopets or the Alkali Energy Boost have the ability to boost their Energy Conversion when banking. When Season 1 launches, any player will be able to craft an Energy Boost and take their competition to the next level.

Additionally, later in the Season, we will introduce Textures, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize your Genopet's aesthetic beyond their Augments and coloring. The Bitcoin Babies will be the first Genopets to showcase these mesmerizing textures but rest assured, they are just the pioneers of a trend that will sweep across the entire Genoverse.

Closing Thoughts

With the launch of Crafting Seasons, we embark on a journey of continuous innovation, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all our Alchemists. Brace yourself for the marvels that await, as each Season creates a world of new possibilities and adds greater rarity and exclusivity to all craftable items in the Genoverse. Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we embark on this extraordinary adventure together.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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