Embark on an exciting journey of accomplishment and motivation with the launch of Genopets' newest feature, Achievements. As the fourth milestone on our Road to Market, Achievements offers a rewarding experience that will keep you motivated, consistent, and accountable. With two distinct categories of badges - milestones, and streaks - you'll have the opportunity to celebrate your progress and revel in the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

A Stepped-Up Experience

Elevating Step Bank History

Achievements revolutionize the way you view and interact with your step bank history. Gone are the days of merely observing the disparity between steps taken and steps banked. Now, Achievements encourages you to surpass your previous milestones and challenge yourself to walk even further. It's a game-changer that brings a new level of importance to remembering to bank your steps before 11:59 pm each day.

By utilizing Achievements, you can turn your step bank history into a powerful tool for personal growth. Every step taken brings you closer to earning badges and unlocking incredible milestones. The Achievements feature motivates you to push harder, walk greater distances, and consistently bank your steps, ensuring you make the most of your Genopets experience.

Earn Badges Of Honor

Milestones and Streaks

With Achievements, we've introduced an extraordinary system that enables you to track and celebrate your progress like never before. Through two distinct categories—milestones and streaks—you'll be able to showcase your dedication and consistency in reaching your goals.

Milestones keep a tally of the total number of steps you've taken, giving you a visual representation of your progress. Whether it's reaching 10,000 steps or surpassing the remarkable 100,000-step mark, each milestone reached is a testament to your determination and commitment. Keep track of you your progress by looking at the progress bar under each badge. Embrace these ambitious milestones; they are the stepping stones to greatness! All your badges build on top of one another, creating steps to help you rise to new heights.

Streaks, on the other hand, recognize your consecutive days of banking steps, showcasing your consistency and dedication. By maintaining a streak, you demonstrate your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the well-being of your Genopet. Whether it's banking your steps for 7 days straight or achieving an impressive 30-day streak, these badges showcase your unwavering determination and daily efforts. Each streak badge earned serves as a reminder of your commitment and motivates you to keep up the positive habits that contribute to your overall progress. 

With milestone badges and streak badges, Achievements transform the way you view your journey with Genopet. These badges act as tangible representations of your progress, motivating you to continue walking, banking steps, and striving for excellence. Embrace the challenge, unlock milestone badges, maintain impressive streaks, and let your collection of badges inspire and drive you toward becoming the best version of yourself with Genopet.

Step Up Your Game 

Achievements Competition

To celebrate the introduction of Achievements, we're thrilled to announce the Step Up Your Game Achievements Competition! Brace yourself for an unparalleled surge of motivation as you compete for extraordinary prizes.

We have an extraordinary reward waiting for the first Genovian who reaches one million steps and achieves the illustrious "First Million Is The Hardest" badge. This remarkable feat will earn them the prestigious Genesis Habitat, a sanctuary that can optimize your gameplay and crafting experiences. 

But that's not all—any Genovian who masters the "Persistence Is A Virtue" badge before 11:59pm on July 9, 2023, will receive an exclusive limited-edition summer toy. This delightful reward is our way of acknowledging your unwavering commitment and dedication to your Genopets' wellbeing.

Wondering How We’re Keeping The Competition Fair?

On the backend, everyone’s Achievement progress, regardless of upgrading to v0.7.1 and having access to the Achievements feature, is currently being tracked. We did a reset on the morning of Friday, June 30th so that we can fairly track steps in the race to earn the “First Million Is The Hardest” badge.  Only steps from that morning's reset forward will count for the competition. This means there is no advantage to players who have been playing longer. Everyone starts the race together.

Closing Thoughts

With the arrival of Achievements, we're not only transforming the way you perceive your step bank history, but we're also providing you with the tools and motivation to strive for greatness. Push your limits, surpass milestones, and revel in the satisfaction of your achievements. Don't miss the chance to participate in the Step Up Your Game Achievements Competition, where extraordinary prizes await those who dare to go the extra mile. Join us now, and together, let's embark on an exhilarating journey of progress and triumph with Genopets' Achievements!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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