• Nurture Actions include Feeding, Playing, and Petting

  • Feeding increases Nutrition

  • Playing increases Joy

  • Petting increases Love

  • Nutrition + Joy + Love Scores = Mood

  • Your Mood determines your Mood Multiplier, which affects your Step Efficiency

TIP: Complete Nurture Actions before Banking your steps

Just like you, your Genopet needs love and attention to flourish. Once summoned, they require a symbiotic relationship. They rely on their human counterpart to care for them but bring motivation, fun, and potential for earning to the table in return. You’ll hold up your end of the bargain through Nurture Actions.

Nurture Actions

Nurture refers to how players can improve a Genopet’s Mood. Mood is formulated by combining a Genopet’s Nutrition, Joy, and Love Rings. 

There are currently three types of Nurture Actions, each corresponding to a Genopet need:


In the Feed mini-game, you’ll use Food earned in Banking Rewards to feed your Genopet and fill their Nutrition Ring. 

Just like your favorite class clowns, Genopets love catching Food in their mouths. Toss them their Food, and toss it well—there is no five-second rule in Genopets. Every successful toss will boost their Nutrition, but if you miss their mouth, the Food is wasted, and their Nutrition will remain the same.

For successful throws, the Nutrition boost directly relates to the Food Item—just like in real life, certain foods are better for you than others. And just like in real life, certain foods can bring you joy, so you'll notice certain Food will also fill your Joy Ring when your Genopet eats it.

If you’re truly terrible at tossing Food—it’s better to blame yourself since Genopets are sensitive creatures. In the future, you’ll be able to Craft Food or purchase it off the marketplace. 


In the Fetch mini-game, you’ll use Toys earned from Banking Rewards to play with your Genopet and fill their Joy Ring. 

Like the Feed mini-game, you’ll throw the Toy to your Genopet, who will (hopefully) successfully retrieve it. For each catch, your Genopet’s Joy will increase. Failure will result in no change to their Joy.

For successful throws, the Joy boost directly relates to the Toy Item. 

In the future, players will be able to purchase or Craft special Toys with superior effects and benefits.


You’ll pet your Genopet on the app’s homepage to boost their Love. 

Take two fingers and rub your Genopet like you’re scratching a puppy behind the ears. The more you pet, the more hearts you’ll see surround your Genopet. Once the hearts stop appearing, take your fingers off the screen and watch the Love Ring fill.

Don’t worry. If your Genopet could still use affection, pet them again until the Love ring is closed.

How Nurture Actions Effect Step Efficiency 

As stated above, Love, Joy, and Nutrition Scores combine to formulate your Mood

And your Mood matters. Why? Because It affects your Mood Multiplier.

Until the launch of Nurture Actions, your Step Efficiency was determined by the number of steps Banked and the Level of your Genopet. Now, the Step Efficiency equation also takes your Mood into account.

Put simply, if you’re not giving your Genopet enough love and attention, you’ll receive less Energy per step. That’s why you walk to complete all Nurture Actions before you Bank your steps. If you don’t you risk gaining less Energy than you could have had you played the mini-games first.

So in the name of friendship and optimal Step Efficiency, remember to show up for your Genopet, just like you’re learning to show up for yourself!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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