Genopets is thrilled to unveil its newest addition: the In-App Shop in the latest Version 0.9.0 update. This shop is set to enhance your Genopets journey and pave the way forward for the player-created economy. 

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know right at the outset:

Welcome to the In-App Shop

The In-App Shop is your one-stop destination for an array of exciting items and features that will transform your Genopets experience. It's a game-changer, offering convenience, customization, and a whole new level of interaction. You can access it by clicking the “Market” hexagon on the home screen of the app. Currently, this section of the app only features the In-App Shop, but when the full SFT P2P Marketplace launches it will also be located here. The Augment Express store is opening soon where players in-app will have access to items sold in Web3 Marketplaces created by players who have been crafting items in the Genoverse.

The In-App Shop has new, exclusive items listed in the Toy Store, The Food Mart, and the Specialty Shop. These exclusive items, like the Morphosphere AKA Head Re-Roll item, are currently not craftable and are only available for purchase in the Genopets Shop. The Morphosphere will be craftable in the future, but will debut in the shop first to test the creation of items in-game before bringing them on chain.

The Last Step Before P2P Marketplace

But here's what makes this launch even more exciting: the In-App Shop serves as the final testing phase before the rollout of the full-fledged P2P Marketplace. The P2P Marketplace will enable players to buy and sell crafted items within the app, creating a seamless and dynamic player-driven economy. Currently, players who want to supply the economy need to craft items on Mainframe and then list those items on Magic Eden where other players can purchase them. Once the P2P Marketplace launches, players will be able to list and purchase crafted items directly in the app. 

The launch of the P2P Marketplace will also allow crafted items to be accessible to ALL players, not just Web3 ones. What do we mean by that? Players will be able to purchase Cosmetic Crystals, Augments, Energy Boosts, and more, without the need for a wallet* connected to their game account on mainframe. This accessibility creates a seamless gamer first user experience that ensures that all players can fully enjoy and customize their Genopet experience, in addition to supplying crafters looking to Earn a wider audience of prospective buyers

*players who own or Rent Habitats used to Craft, Harvest KI, Refine Crystals, and/or Terraform new Habitats will still need a wallet attached to their account on mainframe

Introducing Qubits: The In-App Currency

With the launch of the In-App Shop, we're introducing Qubits, the in-app currency of the Genoverse. Qubits can be purchased with fiat currency and will play a vital role in powering the upcoming P2P Marketplace. 

All-New Shop Offerings

In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, the In-App Shop also introduces exciting new items for sale, including Energy, Meals, and Superior Toys. 


Energy can now be purchased in the app and contributes to the Genoverse Token Economy by burning KI Tokens. It's a dynamic way to be part of the Genopets ecosystem. 

When Energy is purchased in the app, the app burns KI, in the same way, buying Energy with KI works in Mainframe when you purchase directly, but app players are doing this without SOL or knowing they have a wallet. This is possible with a gas-less token swap converting USDC to KI, then burning KI. The entire transaction happens in one click from the app - You can see it here on chain.

The Energy you purchase can then be used to level up your Genopet…OR…it can be used to purchase Food and Toys in the In-App Shop 👏

Meals & Premium Toys

Meals and Premium Toys add a new dimension to nurturing your Genopet. A single throw of these items can instantly replenish your Genopet's Nutrition and Joy rings. A Meal will fill up an empty Nutrition ring by 75%, while a Premium Toy will fill up an empty Joy ring by 60%. For those Genovians who are not into Nurture, this will be an absolute game-changer. One to two throws and you’re done nurturing for the day—how beautiful ☀️

Closing Thoughts

The Genopets In-App Shop is more than just a shopping destination; it's a gateway to an enhanced Genopets experience. It complements Crafting, introduces exciting new items, and prepares the way for a full-fledged P2P Marketplace. With the introduction of Qubits, your options are limitless. Get ready to explore, shop, and evolve your Genopet like never before!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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