New updates and improvements to the Genoverse

Below are some of the items the Genopets team has worked on over the past few weeks. We’re pulling back the curtain to show you, fellow Genovians, what goes into making a game.

Since we first announced the launch of Genopets on Solana in the fall of 2021, we’ve stayed committed to building an on-chain gaming experience that could appeal to everyday mobile gamers. A fun, digital pet game that would motivate players to stay active built on a Web3 Economy owned by the players. With more than 150,000 players in beta over the past year and Genopets consistently in the top on-chain DAU charts we’re thankful for the community’s support leading up to our Public Launch.

The P2P Marketplace is one of the final milestones remaining. It enables an on-chain mobile game with a seamless user experience for Web2 and Web3 gamers alike that is both Apple App and Google Play Store compliant.

The key innovation allows mobile gamers to experience the benefits of blockchain and contribute to the token economy without needing explicit knowledge of cryptocurrencies and Web3. Let's take a deep dive into the making of the P2P Marketplace.

The P2P Marketplace

The P2P Marketplace is a pivotal feature in our Public Launch that will empower mobile players to seamlessly trade NFTs and SFTs within the Genopets ecosystem. This behind-the-scenes breakdown unveils the development process leading up to this milestone, delves into why this feature is a paradigm shift for Web3 Gaming, and how Genopets is revolutionizing Player-Owned Economies to bring the benefits of Blockchain to the masses. 

Why It Matters

The P2P Marketplace isn't just about buying and selling; it's about empowerment. With this feature, mobile players can seamlessly acquire in-game assets (SFTs and NFTs crafted with $GENE and $KI)  directly within the Genopets mobile app via In-App Purchase. This allows gamers to contribute to the Genopets token economy by acquiring their favorite Wings, Boosts, or Cosmetics for their Genopet in-app without prior knowledge or interest in Web3.

The P2P marketplace won’t replace existing Web3 marketplaces. Magic Eden is and remains a strong partner to the Genopets ecosystem. However, at launch - the ability to sell items directly to mobile players in the Genopets app will start on Mainframe, the browser-based, Web3 partner to the Genopets app.

Ultimately our goal is to enhance and simplify the player experience for mobile gamers making it possible for anyone and everyone to purchase crafted items such as Augments, Cosmetic Crystals, and Boosts trading in Web3 Markets without experience or interest in Web3. In-app purchases are backed and transparent fully on-chain fueling a player-owned economy with a seamless experience built for gamers.

Token Economy Impact

What sets the Genopets P2P Marketplace apart is its versatility. Casual mobile players can buy items with in-app purchases using Qubits (in-game currency) or Web3 native gamers can use USDC on the marketplace on Mainframe to buy or sell. This versatility provides options for gamers based on their interest and level of experience, but ultimately all avenues contribute to the overall token economy.

The Development Journey

Below is a breakdown of the development process. We have currently completed Prototype Development and Mainframe Integration. We will shortly merge to Staging for community testing and after review, release the feature with a mobile app and Mainframe update.

Prototype Development:

The journey began with the integration of the Phoenix protocol with the development of a custom Software Development Kit. This custom SDK utilizes the Phoenix fungible token order book logic and maps it to the use case of semi-fungible tokens. 

Using the SDK our developers were able to code and test the experience of listing an SFT to the Marketplace and purchasing it in our testing app. This initial phase laid the foundation for the monumental structure of the P2P Marketplace.

Mainframe Integration (From Prototype to Reality):

With the prototype in hand, developers focused on seamlessly integrating it into Mainframe, the web-based Web3 extension of Genopets, using the designs created by our UI/UX team. This step was about envisioning the user experience (UX) and ensuring a smooth transition for players.

UI designs made by our UI/UX design team
UI designs made by our UI/UX design team
UI designs made by our UI/UX design team
  • Thoughtful UX Considerations:

    • During Mainframe integration, the team meticulously considered the user's journey. Whether a player is browsing Cosmetic Crystals or listing an item, the interface is tailored to enhance the user experience. This involved features like search functionalities for easy exploration and transparent fee disclosures for clarity during listings.

  • Testing, Testing, Testing:

    • During this stage, our developers also spent a lot of time testing the interface, making sure the UX was easy and no major bugs occurred.

Staging, Testing, and Refinement

Before the grand unveiling, the feature will undergo rigorous testing in the staging environment. This phase will allow developers to identify and rectify any issues that surface, ensuring a flawless experience for players.

Production Launch (Making It Live):

Once testing is successfully completed, the P2P Marketplace will be ready for its grand debut. We will merge the feature into production, marking the moment when players can finally engage with the revolutionary in-game commerce experience.

Addressing Player Questions​​

Limited Release Strategy

At the initial launch, not every item listed on Mainframe will be available in-app, nor will every item from Magic Eden. We're taking a measured approach with a limited release, focusing on the most popular items.

How Can Mobile-Only Players Purchase An SFT Without A Wallet?

In the event a mobile-only player purchases a crafted SFT at the P2P Marketplace, the process is effortless. The SFT is converted into an in-app item at the point of purchase, utilizing the Genoverse portal. This involves burning the original SFT, making it an in-app asset credited to the player’s app inventory. If desired in the future, players can reverse this process using the Genoverse portal on Mainframe to mint in-app items back on chain to full-fledged SFTs.

These streamlined processes ensure that all Genopets players, regardless of their experience with Web3, can contribute to the P2P economy and enjoy the benefits of an on-chain gaming experience. Future articles will delve deeper into these intricacies for those seeking a more comprehensive understanding.

Closing Thoughts

The P2P Marketplace is not just a new feature; it's a transformative leap forward, an embodiment of Genopets' commitment to pioneering innovative and inclusive gaming experiences.  Stay tuned for the release of this major milestone on the path to the Genopets Public Launch. 

Thank you for choosing to embark on this journey with us to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital as we bring the Genoverse to life!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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