New updates and improvements to the Genoverse

Below are some of the items the Genopets team has worked on over the past few weeks. We’re pulling back the curtain to show you, fellow Genovians, what goes into making a game.

Note: items below, unless noted, are not final. Most things we share in Status Reports include early renderings, prototypes, or explorations, so please keep that in mind when sharing thoughts. Title: Unveiling the Creation Process Behind Genoverse Seasons: A Journey from Concept to Reality

Heads Will Re(Roll)—New Customization Item In The Works

Up until now, you have been able to switch up all parts of your Genopet with the exception of their head and body. Well, that is about to change. Our team has been working on a new Head ReRoll item that will allow you to randomly summon a new Head for your Genopet from the original summoning pool (excluding your current Head).

Now You’re Speaking The Same Language—Always Be In The Know with Pet Expressions 

When pet expressions launch, you’ll never again have to wonder exactly how your Genopet is feeling. 

But what you may be wondering is how does something like this come into existence? Adding some animations to a Genopet doesn’t seem so difficult, right? Wrong! A shocking amount of time, detail, and dedication has gone into creating expressions for your pet. 

First, the team had to ideate and decide on what expressions needed to be created—what are the core emotions a Genopet needs to be able to express? Once the expressions were finalized, sketching began—entailing exploring what shapes and colors would be associated with each emotion within the Genoverse.

Then, after sketching those emotions, they brought them to life through animation in Unity. 

But that’s not where the work ends. Once the expressions are animated on different Genopets, that’s when the nitty-gritty detail work starts. The art team must pay attention to the orientation of each expression (at all rotations of the pet), the distance between animations and the pet, as well as the speed at which each animation moves. 

Take a look behind-the-scenes at this process:

And the final product once all noted changes were made: 

Step Battles—Process & Progress

We have conducted extensive internal testing of Step Battles and are now in the final stages of preparing for its official launch to the entire Genoverse community. As you're likely aware, Step Battles marks a significant milestone on our journey toward the market. However, what you might not have realized is that it offers more than just a daily step competition.

In addition to determining who can achieve the highest step count each day, Step Battles will also bring your Genopets to life through captivating animated scenes as they dash toward the finish line. Augments will play a crucial role in enhancing your experience, particularly those equipped with SPD Boosts. Furthermore, we're excited to introduce a chat feature that enables you and your friends to engage in friendly banter and receive real-time notifications when someone is closing in on your step count. 

Wondering what went it takes to create such a Chat Feature? Here’s a quick breakdown:

First, the Chat Feature was broken up into two main categories (group chat and system updates) and charted. Then those categories were broken up into their sub-flows.

Under Group Chat or Chat, there are three different sub-flows:

  • Chat & Typing UI
  • Mute Feature
  • Search Feature

For System Updates, there are four different sub-flows:

  • Game State Updates
  • Battle Events
  • Special Bank Events
  • Special Bank Streaks

After, wireframes are created for each flow and then fully designed once the flows are approved. Then, the new feature is tested internally by the team, and then by the select Genovians involved in testing. Once all the major bugs are fixed and updates are made, the feature launches to the Genoverse and we continue to make updates and improvements based on user feedback.

App Update v0.7.2—Tons of New Features Made For You

If you want the full breakdown of every new feature shipped with app update v0.7.2, check out this article.

Remove Unwanted Augments

Did you add a new pair of Antennae and now you want to remove your Horn now? Thanks to this feature, you can now remove any Augment you don’t want on your Genopet.

True Colors

The True Colors feature allows you to revert to your Genopet's summoning colors, even after using a Chroma Crystal.

Recycle Augments

Got some extra Common Augments you don’t need? Say goodbye to excess Augments by recycling them, and watch as your Genopet gains back vital Energy. Every Augment you recycle is another 2,000 Energy in your pocket.

Upgrade Augments

Combine identical Augments plus 500 Energy to unlock the following Variant or Class, amplifying your Genopet's abilities and taking your gameplay to unprecedented heights.

A few other highlights:

  • Textures were announced as part of new craftable items in Season 1. Our team has been working hard on taking the elements of the Genoverse—Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire—and turning them into textures for your pet. Here’s a sneak peek at what that could look like:

  • We’ll be instituting Quibits as a currency in the mobile game. Why? Players buy them in-app purchases, making them accessible for non-web3 players. This is how non-web3 players will be able to purchase items from the Marketplace when it launches
  • Mysterious cubes were dropped to Genesis Genopet owners, Genesis Habitat owners, and top GENE Stakers - Keep your cubes close, opening is just around the corner.

  • ​As your Genopet levels up, so does the visual spectacle. Our innovative level-based animations ensure that your Genopet's journey is marked by skill advancement and stunning visual transformations

  • You can now change your Genopets colors on the Augmentation Screen
  • Energy Boosts are now craftable in Labs on Mainframe
  • Style Set Bonuses have been initiated 🔥Now you can unlock an additional boost or move-sets if you outfit your Genopet with all the Augments within a Style Set
  • The summoning scene has once again been updated to give new players the greatest experience possible

As a reminder, this is just a tiny sample of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks. There’s a lot more in store, so follow along on Discord and Twitter to stay in the loop. Till next time.

— Team Genopets

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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