Have you ever wondered how your favorite games are developed? How do the newest features they launch come to fruition? Then you’re in luck. For this week’s Status Report, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind the creation and launch of Seasons 👀

Step 1

Conceptualization and Ideation

Since the inception of Genopets, our team has always been eager to implement the concept of Seasons, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to introduce them. 

Seasons play a pivotal role as a framework, allowing us to seamlessly introduce new items and exciting concepts into the ever-evolving Genoverse. They also provide us with the opportunity to rotate out older items, keeping the game fresh and dynamic. This approach serves two purposes: first, it benefits players involved in supplying the economy, while second, it provides fresh challenges and rewarding experiences for those who have already mastered the Recipe Book.

Step 2

Meetings and Decision Making

The journey to introduce Seasons began with a series of engaging brainstorming sessions, where our team delved into the core elements of this exciting feature. We started by identifying the technical and artistic requirements essential to bring this concept to life.

Next, we delved deeper into the specifics, carefully handpicking the Cosmetics and Augments that would be removed from Recipe Books and thoughtfully selecting their replacements to ensure a well-balanced and immersive gameplay experience. To keep everything on track, we developed precise timelines for all the new items in the pipeline.

Step 3

An Intense And Comprehensive Art Process

The Art Team's process is a creative journey requiring imagination and a deft skillset. Led by Ben, they were inspired by themes like "Aqua," "Bird," and "Dinosaur" to create Season 1 color palettes and Augment Sets—"Jurassic," "Aviana," and "Cetacia."

Creating Augments involves a comprehensive 14-step process—that must be completed for every Augment and every stage of that Augment—that ensures uniqueness for each pet's evolution.

  1. sketch
  2. vectorize
  3. color map
  4. modeling
  5. texturing
  6. phase 1 testing
  7. rigging
  8. animation
  9. implementation
  10. phase 2 testing
  11. image creation: in-app images, marketplace images, in-app animated images, marketplace animated images
  12. community testing
  13. adjustments
  14. patch

Step 4

Game Design and Balancing

As the Art Team worked, the Game Design team diligently refined item stats, Recipes, and Crafting Costs. They calculated the stats for every introduced Augment, determined bonuses for Style Sets, and added Energy Boosts with careful consideration for the boost and duration.

The team actively incorporated community feedback, reducing tokens required for Augment and Cosmetic Crystal Recipes. Crafting costs required thorough evaluation, considering their impact on floor prices and player selling prices. Striking the right balance is crucial to avoid excessive costs and encourage crafting activity. Constant debates revolve around finding the optimal crafting prices to maintain a healthy market.

Step 5

Technical Implementation

Implementing Seasons required technical finesse. We recorded all items and Augments on the blockchain and updated the Mainframe to support the new content. Our skilled team integrated the new features into the Unity app, alongside addressable updates, so that players could enjoy the fresh content seamlessly.

Once all the assets were ready and marketplace versions of them were completed, our team also had to work together with Magic Eden to integrate those new items into their marketplace.

Step 6

Rigorous Internal Testing

Before introducing any new feature, our standard practice involves comprehensive internal testing on our staging app. This process is crucial to identify and address any bugs before the public release. For Season 1, we dedicated extensive time and effort to conducting quality assurance on all associated items.

Our dedicated team meticulously examined new Cosmetic Crystals for proper application to pets. We rigorously tested Augments on all body and head types for visual appeal and accuracy. Staging pets were evolved through all six stages to ensure correct appearances.

To meet the deadline, we even conducted a 24-hour testing session on Google Meets. Additionally, we created and checked various elements like marketplace GIFs, in-app GIFs, and still images to maintain a seamless user experience.

Step 7

Production and Release

After rigorous testing and with great pride, we launched the latest build to production and shared it with the entire Genoverse. But our work doesn't end there. We are fully dedicated to maintaining a seamless experience, promptly addressing any bugs reported by players or team members in real time.

Looking ahead, we are already immersed in the meticulous process of creating texture items for future releases in Season 1 and planning for upcoming Seasons. Our commitment to delivering top-quality content and providing an immersive gaming experience for our players is an ongoing journey that fuels our passion and dedication.


The creation of Seasons in Genoverse has been a labor of love, driven by our passion to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences. Our team is delighted to unveil Season 1, enriching the Genoverse universe and providing players with a renewed sense of adventure and discovery. As players dive into the captivating world of Seasons, we continue to work tirelessly, planning for even more thrilling updates in the future. Together, we embark on this extraordinary journey, creating a world where dreams come to life.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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