New updates and improvements to the Genoverse

Below are some of the items the Genopets team has worked on over the past few weeks. We’re pulling back the curtain to show you, fellow Genovians, what goes into making a game.

Note: items below, unless noted, are not final. Most things we share in Status Reports include early renderings, prototypes, or explorations, so please keep that in mind when sharing thoughts.

Phase I of Battle—Challenge Your Friends In Step Battles 

Step Battles mark a lite version of our upcoming PvP Battle system that will launch in Phase III. When it ships, you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a race based on the steps you bank each day and the Augments you have customized your Genopet with. Each time you bank steps, your Genopet will run ahead. Check out the process of creating this new feature (fyi—boxes represent Genopets).

A Dream and A Sketch

Getting the initial vision for what the Step Battles race will look like on paper. This will act as a visionary blueprint for all future steps.

The First Step—Creating A Procedural Scene

A simple, performant, procedurally generated scene is created.

Making It Feel Real—Implementing Gryo Rotation

When a player rotates their phone, they’ll be able to see more of the environment as if they are turning their head.

Developing the Environment—The Evolution Of Rendering The Terrain

The art team is constantly improving upon the environment; making changes to the color pallet and lighting and adding foliage, texture, a skybox, and more.

A Celebration Worthy Of You—Battle Results Animation

A fun final animation to showcase all the pets who raced and the ultimate winner.

An Epic Cinematic Masterpiece—A Look At The Creation Process For The Step Battles Trailer

Surprise! We’re making a Step Battles trailer! And honestly, we are so hyped by what the art team is working on that we had to highlight it in the latest status report. If you’re unfamiliar with the animation process, the amount of work it takes may blow your mind, so beware! 🤯 Brace yourself before scrolling.

The Beginning

Just like every good movie, the art team started with an idea and a storyboard.

Designing the Starring Pets

The stars of the show were first created using our internal tool called PetStudio. Using this tool, they selected all the specifics of each pet, including Stage, Head, Body, Augments, and colors. Once these decisions were made, they then moved on to modeling those pets.

Blocking The Animation

This is the first step where the story is put to the test. Without too much detail, the team can see how the storyboard translates into animation, and directional notes are given. Additionally, this blocking animation allows for the start of score creation.

Creating the Environment

Even creating the background of the trailer is no simple feat. Artists had to create a base for the path, model each piece of foliage, add the foliage, add lighting, add particles, add ambient fog, and then adjust the environment to the color palette.

Scene Renderings

While the final product is still in the works, check out this sneak peek of some of the scenes!

Some Healthy Competition—We Partnered With Health Hero For A $2000 Giveaway of $GENE & $HLTHY 

Get ready to embark on an incredible fitness journey as Genopets and Health Hero join forces for a highly rewarding challenge! Get in on the action by following the rules for the opportunity to win a share of the $2,000 prize pool! 

20 players will be chosen as winners, with each receiving $50 worth of $HLTHY and $50 worth of $GENE. That's a total of $1,000 worth of $HLTHY and $1,000 worth of $GENE being given away to our communities!

As an additional bonus, each winner will also receive a special Go!Bot NFT.

To learn more, read up here.

A few other highlights:

  • Achievements (formerly Streaks) Feature (in progress): The launch of Achievements is just around the corner. Check out the custom badge art that’s been created

  • True Colors Feature (in progress): Have you used Cosmetic Crystals to change up your Genopet’s looks? Well, we’ve got an exciting feature in the works that you’ll love. When the True Colors feature launches, you’ll be able to revert your Genopet’s Primary, Secondary, Emission, and Parallax Colors to their original values without needing to Craft new Cosmetics.
  • The web team improved the Ledger wallet connection flow and updated game account scripts.
  • Mainframe got an upgrade from both the UI/UX and the web team.
  • When app update v0.7.1 launches, BTC Babies will be in-app! Wanna know what kind of work went into making this possible? The web team had to:
    - make BTC Babies live on our testing program
    - backfill BTC Baby’s petConfigs with new material property
    - add signMessage to verify BTC Baby ownership
    - emit an event when the ordinal wallet gets unlinked by another user
    - adjust the pet render scene for BTC Babies
    - resolve issues with BTC Baby api
  • Have you noticed that every evolution animation is slightly different? Check out what the art team has designed for Stage 7 evolutions

As a reminder, this is just a tiny sample of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks. There’s a lot more in store, so follow along on Discord and Twitter to stay in the loop. Till next time.

— Team Genopets

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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