Did you make it to our May Townhall? It was definitely one for the books 📚🌟

Albert, Ben, and. Jay took the community through a recap of our latest accomplishments, insights into player data, a Roadmap update (including a breakdown of the next road)—plus more info on seasonal items & activities. And as usual, there was a boatload of giveaways! 


Bitcoin Baby Drop

At Genopets, we love to be a part of history. So we couldn't wait to mint a collection on the OG chain. While talking with Magic Eden, we noticed that no one had really embraced an Ordinal mint from a gaming perspective. So we jumped at the chance to become the first.

For all those who started sweating, don't worry; we're not moving chains. But as Albert has always advocated, we believe our gaming assets should be interoperable. At the same time, our program logic will always stay on Solana. 

About the Mint 

And the mint wasn't only successful from a historical perspective. Our Bitcoin Babies collection sold out like that🫰—well, relatively. Anyone who has minted on Bitcoin is very much aware that minting on Bitcoin is not an instant process 😂 

About the Babies

Unlike Genopets and Genesis Genopets, Bitcoin Babies are inscribed on the chain as babies forever due to the nature of the Bitcoin Blockchain—you can think of it like a birth certificate on-chain. But Bitcoin Babies will, of course, evolve in the app, and their evolutions will show in the marketplace if you choose to list them. 

And if you're wondering "wen in game?," Bitcoin Babies will be playable soon. Since they will be the first Genopets to have textures, more work, and testing must be done before Bitcoin Babies are ready to play. But even though they aren't prepared to be shown in the app, they are already trading on Magic Eden. If you weren't lucky enough to mint one, consider buying one from another player. 

What Bitcoin Babies currently look like in-app sans texture

Augmentation Launched

The Genopets team is excited to have realized Ben's original vision of enabling players to customize their NFTs. And with this feat, we have officially completed the Road to Augmentation—or the road with a few too many stops 😂

Fun Facts (As of Town Hall)

  • 26,000 Augmentations have been applied to pets
  • Over 10,000 players have partaken in Augmentation 
  • 150,000 Augments have been crafted so far


Player-Owned Economy

The Genopets' economy functions differently than most Web2 and Web3 games. To a short extent, we have some ownership over the game's mechanics, but the supply and the creation of assets and game items all come down to the players. We strongly believe that ownership is useless if players don't own the supply—which is why Crafting was such a massive part of our Roadmap. 

When it came to Genesis Genopet and Genesis Habitat mints, we put the power in the hands of the players to decide supply—would all the Genesis eggs be hatched? How many Habitats were players willing to mint?

When it comes to Crafting, players still hold the power. If there is demand for an Augment, it is up to the player base to decide the supply and where to set prices. 

In case you were wondering, the Genopets team must abide by all the Crafting mechanisms when creating items to give away to the community. We use a Crafting Treasury to Craft Augments Cosmetics and Terraform Habitats. Like the players, if we want something craftable to exist, we must pay and play to mint it. 

Roadmap Update 

Phase II Recap

Phase II exists within our Whitelist Beta Phase. As such, anyone looking to enter the game requires an invite code. At the end of Phase II, we will enter our Public Beta Mode and remove the need for invite codes. But we promise there will still be rewards for inviting your friends to join the Genoverse 🎁

The Road To Augmentation represented roughly 80% of Phase II. And while we still need to finish Phase II, we have shortened it to get to public mode sooner and begin focusing on growth. 

The remainder of Phase II will end with the Road to Market, and include the implementation of challenges and achievement features and an in-app marketplace. 

Phase II: Marketplace

The marketplace feature is explicitly essential, as it will allow players to purchase items directly in the app itself, enabling the roughly 81% of the player base who don't currently participate in the Web3 side of the game to become the demand side of the game. One of the most significant barriers to entry for Web3 is needing a wallet. Most players are not focused on earning; they want cool things. So having a familiar experience with the app will make it easy for players to purchase items without feeling overwhelmed.

Creating the in-app marketplace is also necessary for NFT games to become google play and app store compliant—the stores require the ability for in-app purchases to allow in-app messages to show where else players can go to purchase items, like Magic Eden or a company website.

Phase II: Step Battle

The first phase of Battle that players will experience is Step Battles. You can think of these as Fitbit challenges with a Genopets twist. Players will invite their friends and compete in a race to see who banks the most steps over a specified period. But don't think it will be so cut and dry. Augments and their stats will come into play when deciding a player's final score and help determine the winner.

Phase III

Phase III will start with PVP Battles. The Genopets team has built a Battle Engine that we have begun testing on the web. Once it reaches a specific state, we'll start testing with DNA members, Gene Stakers, and certain supporters. Remember, Battle will be a massive part of the game, so playtesting will be arduous and important.

Phase III will also include an updated home screen. Since so many features are coming down the pipeline, we need to update our navigation and homepage UI to make it possible to access everything. 

Seasonal Activities & Items

As we end Phase II,  we are preparing to launch seasonal activities & items. These will include:

  • Releasing new colors 
  • Textures - first seen with Bitcoin Babies
  • Augments
  • Gene Stakers will get airdropped seasonal items based on staking weight
    • Voting will be programmatic and will decide game parameters

Other Topics Covered

  1. We are currently working on Genopet rendering updates. With more cinematic lighting and color grading, Genopet coloring will pop more and look juicier. Light lines will also be updated to emit light rather than a bloom effect.    

  2. We have a Tiktok. Follow us. Follow us. Follow us. @genopets.me
  3. There will soon be a DNA prune. If you aren't being active, W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R. will remove you. You can always earn your spot back but must be engaged to stick around.
  4. A community member asked how we plan to combat the supply of over-crafted items. We'll be implementing a Recycling Crafting Mechanism that will allow items and Augments to be used to create something new.  ​
  5. Another community member asked about Lore. We are pretty far along with the complete storyline and main characters being defined. We'll tell you right now that it is a story about a healing journey that is profoundly symbolic and said in the form of a children's story in a fantastical world. 


​​● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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