Hey! Are you new to Genopets Treasure Hunts? Consider this article as your ultimate companion; your passport to unraveling the mysteries and embracing the excitement of Treasure Hunts in the Genoverse.

What Are Treasure Hunts?

Genopets Treasure Hunts are seasonal play-to-mint games where Genovians compete to mint legendary NFT prizes. They are typically multi-week challenges that demand ingenuity and creativity to solve puzzles that unlock the ability to mint for the first players to solve. From ciphers and code-breaking to virtual adventures on Google Street View, these quests serve as an engaging and challenging way for the Genopets team to introduce or celebrate major milestones within our vibrant community.

Past Treasure Hunts

The inaugural Treasure Hunt unlocked the ability to earn in the Genoverse. The creation of the first yield-generating assets in Genopets, the Genesis Habitat collection. Players raced to solve puzzles and earn a set of 5 Refined Crystals of each element, ultimately minting Genesis Habitats—a unique class of NFTs which allow players to Harvest KI Tokens with their Energy and Craft sellable items for the P2P Marketplace.

The second Treasure Hunt celebrated Crafting. The first ever Web3 game to combine SFTs, NFTs, and Fungible tokens in recipes to mint in-game items. Players deciphering codes to earn Recipe Pages to complete their recipe book and mint the first ever Legendary Augment. The Alkali Ferro Ear still sits as one of the most valued items in the Genoverse and is available to trade on our newly launched SFT Marketplace. After a six-week adventure, these pages combined (burn 6 SFTs to mint new items) to unlock exclusive Augments, Energy Boosts, and Cosmetic Crystals. These treasures, born from the second Hunt, became some of the most rare and valuable in the marketplace.

The NEXT Treasure Hunt

The Golden Kippu Hunt promises a trove of exceptional items, including the Alkali Moragon Eye, Alkali Alakran Tail, Alkali Talaria Antennae, and a new cosmetic item—the "shell," that changes the texture of your Genopet like a skin.

Players will not want to miss out on these prizes, regardless of if they plan to use them on their own Genopets or list them on the Marketplace.

[To delve deeper into the Golden Kippu Hunt, click here.]

Participating in Treasure Hunts

Where to Play

Treasure Hunts unfold on Mainframe, the Web3 expansion pack to the Genopets mobile app. Due to the complexity of puzzles, minting NFT prizes, and the focus you’ll need to win, we suggest using Mainframe on a computer vs a mobile phone to move fastest through the puzzles. While playable on mobile browsers, a computer is recommended for a more seamless experience.

Participants require a wallet connected to their mobile game account Mainframe so they can mint; Phantom is recommended for those without a wallet. If you don’t already have one, check out this article to learn more.

Throughout the Hunt, collected items manifest as SFTs stored in your wallet, with the Golden Kippu Hunt featuring Golden Kippu SFTs as redeemable treasures.

How to Play

Almost every Friday starting January 12th, a new puzzle will be released on Mainframe's Treasure Hunt section. Participants will race against time and each other to solve these mind-bending challenges. In the Golden Kippu Hunt, puzzles will be released over three weeks at varied times to ensure fairness across time zones.

Unlike previous Hunts, there's no fixed number of Golden Kippu per puzzle. However, speed is still crucial—the faster you solve, the more Golden Kippu you amass, granting flexibility when redeeming your prizes at the Hunt's conclusion.

Solving each week’s puzzle isn’t the only way to amass Golden Kippu. Make sure to follow our DRiP Channel, play Arcade Mode, and bank your steps every day to earn even more! 

Genovian Alphabet all Treasure Hunters should be familiar with

What You Need to Play

Treasure Hunts come with an entry fee, reflecting the value of the prizes. While participation and puzzle-solving are free, minting items and claiming prizes demand KI, GENE, and SOL.

For the Golden Kippu Hunt:

  • 300 KI weekly: Essential for minting earned Golden Kippu.

  • SOL in your wallet for gas: A Genovian treasure hunter's essential preparation.

  • Minimum of 11 GENE per wager with B.L.I.N.K.

[Explore more on preparing for the Golden Kippu Hunt here.]


How Do I get a Wallet and Mainframe Account?

We recommend getting a Phantom wallet if you don’t already have one. Watch the video below to quickly set one up. 

Once you have a wallet, head over to Mainframe and click on “Login With Wallet” in the center of the page. Then select the type of wallet you have and log in. For a step-by-step tutorial, checout this article

What is the benefit of following the Genopets DRiP Channel?

Cards released in our latest Genopets x DRiP drop can be redeemed for Golden Kippu in the Treasure Hunt. But don’t worry, if you didn’t subscribe to the Genopets Channel before the drop, you can buy cards listed by other players on our Collection page on Magic Eden

Note: This collection page includes cards from previous drops, so only purchase Statistical Stash (Common), Data Treasure Trove (Rare), or Algorithmic Goldmine (Legendary) cards. 

Pro Tip: Collect a full set to maximize your Treasure Hunt rewards

What's the Significance of KI, GENE, and SOL?

KI and GENE are the two tokens that make up Genopets’ dual-token economy. They each have their own function and in-game utility. Check out our litepaper if you want to know more. 

SOL is the token of the Solana network needed for minting and gas fees. 

Can I Participate Without an Entry Fee?

Players can compete and solve puzzles for free, however, a fee is required for minting items and receiving prizes.

What Happens if I Miss a Puzzle Release?

Items will be tradable and can be bought on secondary marketplaces like Magic Eden if you miss them on the first drop.

Are There Any Tips for Solving Puzzles Faster?

Join our Discord and make friends in the community you can work together on solving puzzles.

Do I need to participate in the DRiP Drop to play the Treasure Hunt?

No, you did not need to participate in the DRiP Drop to compete in the Treasure Hunt, but we do recommend it. The cards you receive in the drop can be redeemed for Golden Kippu you’ll wager with B.L.I.N.K. to win the exclusive Treasure Hunt prizes.

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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