Since the birth of Genopets in 2021, we promised a unique approach to web3 mobile games only possible on Solana that would empower creators to own the Genopets economy. Building in beta over the past year we’ve maintained one of the largest active user bases in GameFi, topping charts on SOL for daily active users.

Today, we’re excited to announce our most significant update yet, a major milestone completing the Road to Market ahead of Genopets V1 Launch next month. V0.9.1 introduces the first Mobile Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplace to the web3 gaming space, a first of it’s kind that bridges mobile players purchasing items with Qubits via In-App Purchase to Web3 players minting and selling items on the new Genopets SFT Marketplace on Mainframe.

This milestone solidifies Genopets as the first mobile first web3 player created economy, facilitating the exchange of coveted in-game items to upgrade your Genopet NFT (Augments, Boosts, and Cosmetic Crystals) minted with GENE to be sold directly to mobile players buying in-app. Let's delve into the details of the v0.9.1 release and explore the dynamic changes it brings to the Genoverse.

P2P Market Launch

The highlight of the v0.9.1 release is undoubtedly the introduction of the P2P Marketplace. Now, players can purchase Augments, Boosts, and Cosmetic Crystals directly from their peers within the app. This breaks away from the traditional game model of players only being able to acquire in-game items from a publisher and puts the power to create the economy in the hands of Web3 players.

This new release unlocks the Genopets economy, completing the loop by enabling mobile-only players without wallets or extensive knowledge of Web3 to participate in the Genopets on-chain economy. Mobile gamers purchasing upgrades for their Genopet directly in the in app shop are supporting the token economy because the Augments, Boosts, and Crystals were all minted using GENE and KI. Web3 players in Genopets act as Merchants in the crafting side of the game. Learn more about crafting in the article linked and how to become a Merchant in Genopets.

Genopets Marketplace on Web

Items supplied in-app for purchase can be minted by crafting and listed for sale on the Genopets web marketplace. Web3 players are able to both list and sell items directly in the web marketplace at While existing listings for Augments, Boosts, and Crystals are still on Magic Eden, players interested in selling items in app will need to delist from Magic Eden SFT marketplace and relist their items on the Genopets Mainframe Marketplace.

Magic Eden remains a key partner to Genopets. We are working with their team to upgrade their markets to the latest SFT standards and in future updates all NFTs (Genopets and Habitats) sold in-app will leverage Magic Eden markets. The Genopets P2P Marketplace complements existing Web3 platforms to enhance and streamline the player experience.

While items are listed and sold in USDC, all marketplace fees are directly used to buy back GENE further solidifying the token economy and the importance of this major release.

A UX Only Possible on Solana

The cornerstone of the innovation lies in the composability of the platform. Building in the Solana ecosystem, we’ve composed key primitives from projects like Coinflow, Orca,, and Phoenix to create a solution that enables a fully on-chain mobile game with a seamless user experience that is both Apple App Store and Google Play store compliant. Mobile gamers are able to experience the benefits of blockchain without needing explicit knowledge of cryptocurrencies and Web3.
This accessibility ensures that all players, regardless of their technical expertise or preference for Web3, can actively participate in the Genopets token economy as they upgrade, evolve and customize their Genopet.

The Completion of the Road to Market

With the launch of the P2P Marketplace, we have officially marked the completion of the long-anticipated Road To Market. As the Genoverse continues to evolve, players can look forward to more updates that promise to elevate their adventures and interactions within the community. Check our latest Town Hall recap for V1 Launch next month, the Treasure Hunt, and a sneak peek of the Genopets Battle engine.

Augment Express Shop Opens

Step into the Augment Express, the go-to hub for acquiring Augments directly from other players. This addition allows you to expand your collection and fine-tune your Genopet's stats and abilities. The Augment Shop marks a pivotal milestone in the Genoverse, offering players unprecedented control over their Genopet's evolution from within the app. Explore the vast array of Augments available and witness your Genopet's power reach new heights.

The opening of the Augment Express Shop also marks the new ability for players to purchase Augments with Qubits, the in-game currency, rather than SOL on Magic Eden.

Specialty Shop Additions

The Specialty Shop has received a boost with exciting new items that promise to enhance your gameplay, previously only available on Magic Eden. Gain an edge with Boosts, designed to provide additional energy when banking steps. Dive into the world of customization with Cosmetic Crystals, allowing you to transform your pet's appearance with a spectrum of colors. The Specialty Shop is now a treasure trove of possibilities, giving players more tools to shape their Genopet's unique journey.

Enhanced Style for Your Genopet

The v0.9.1 release also included an overhauled user interface in the Augmentation flow. The introduction of the Styles button replaces traditional color schemes, enabling players to apply colors, tattoos, and shells (coming soon). This aesthetic upgrade not only adds a visual flair to the game but also sets the stage for future customization options, promising a Genopet experience like never before.

Closing Thoughts

Genopets v0.9.1 update is a milestone that will reshape the way players experience the Genoverse. The P2P Marketplace unlocked the player created economy with a seamless link between mobile players and the Web3 economy. As we continue its journey of evolution, players are encouraged to dive into the exciting new features and forge a path to unparalleled gaming experiences. The Genoverse awaits—so grab some Qubits, spoil your Genopet, and enjoy exploring the latest!

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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