In the world of game development, few things are as empowering and inspiring as a vibrant community coming together to shape the very game they love. The Genopets team is setting an example of open collaboration by actively involving our community in the decision-making process through a series of accepted proposals. These proposals not only showcase the dedication of the players but also illustrate our team's commitment to creating a game with a truly player-owned economy.

The community proposal system was initially launched a few months ago as a pilot program to test the waters of community governance and create a structure through which feedback and suggestions could be surfaced to the team to consider for implementation. Ultimately GENE Stakers will participate in on-chain governance via the staking program to determine their votes and voting weight, but before implementing the on-chain infrastructure we thought it prudent to pilot the system and use the DNA role in discord given to community voted active and helpful members in the server.

Proposals have been submitted across a wide range of topics from how the community is moderated to specific game settings that could be tweaked to better balance the economy. The complexities of designing and launching a game and technical feasibility have weighed into what can reasonably be implemented based on community feedback, but overall the participation and suggestions are welcomed in the community.

To date, we have accepted three community proposals. If you’re a DNA member on Discord join in on the conversation and share your thoughts through this pilot program. 

L3 Habitat Upgrade Cost

Elevating Restoration Value

One of the cornerstones of Genopets is its web3 economy and the Habitats that power it. For those unfamiliar, Habitats are NFTs that enable players to earn by harvesting KI Tokens with Energy and crafting items they can sell to other players to supply the economy. There are three levels of Habitats, each level having progressive advantages such as the number of Crystals spawned daily, daily KI caps, and amount of Lab space.

On 5/16/23 the community submitted a proposal on Discord to adjust the cost to Upgrade from an L2 to an L3 Habitat. At the time of the proposal, the amount of KI required to Restore an L3 Habitat was the same as the amount of KI required to Terraform, or mint, a new L3 Habitat. While Terraforming a new Habitat would additionally require GENE, Crystals, and a Terraform Seed, once Terraformed the player would receive six new Terraform Seeds which they could use to mint new Habitats or sell to other community members. 

As such, the community proposed that the Upgrade Cost of an L3 Habitat be adjusted to account for the Terraform Seed cost. The community reasoned that by increasing the Upgrade Cost it would create a greater incentive for players to just Restore. It would also reward the players who have Upgraded early, while not punishing the players who chose to Restore a L3 Habitat prior to now.

After a community vote of 92% in favor, our team accepted the proposal on our end as well. The new Upgrade Cost is now 3600 KI, 5 Crystals of the same type, and 10 GENE.

This proposal demonstrates the depth of thought the community invests in the game's mechanics. By suggesting a tweak to the Upgrade Cost formula, the community aimed to enhance the viability of Restoring a Level 3 Habitat. The result was a proposal that not only acknowledged the importance of player feedback but also set the foundation for enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Augment Variance Rework

Crafting Logic and Balance

A game's crafting system is a delicate balance that can significantly impact player experiences. The community recognized this and put forth a proposal to rework the Augment Variance system. With a focus on rebalancing the effects of Augment Variants on stats and crafting probabilities, the proposal aimed to bring a logical and balanced system into play. This proposal demonstrates how the community's insights can lead to a more intuitive and enjoyable Crafting process, enhancing the strategic depth of Genopets.

On 5/19/2023 the community submitted a proposal to adjust the probabilities associated with crafting different Augment Variances. In their proposal, the community stated that “currently there is an equal chance of each Variant type when crafting, and the influence Variant has on Augment statistics is very inconsistent between Augment Class/Rarity.” They felt the system as such did not make sense and believed it was a convenient time to make an update because it could be pushed out with Seasons, which was about to launch. 

As such, the community suggested modifying the Augment Stat Multiplier and having variable drop rates across Variants to better reflect the value of higher Variant Augments.

After a community vote 85% in favor, our team agreed to update the crafting probabilities while leaving the Stat Modifier values untouched for now because we had other releases coming up contingent upon these. We believe that adjusting the crafting probabilities should address the primary concern: that the chance of creating an item should more closely reflect the relative quality of that item, down to the Variant level.

This proposal is a poignant reminder that game mechanics, despite their intricacy, don't always resonate with player desires. Initially, we deliberately offered equal Variant probabilities (within Classes) to inject fun and surprise into the crafting process, ensuring players had a chance at desirable items. However, the community leans toward outcomes better mirroring item quality. Considering this feedback and observing the market since launch we’re keen to keep actively shaping the game together for and with the community!

Modification of Subsynth Crystal Recipe

Crafting Consistency

A special hallmark of Genopets is that all items in the Genoverse are crafted, aka minted, by players using the web3 side of the game. As stated previously, players with Habitats have the ability to craft game items by following recipes designated by the Genopets team, allowing players true ownership over in-game items and power over the supply/demand and pricing of those items. One such item is Subsynth Crystals, a type of Cosmetic item which allows players to change the secondary color of their Genopet.

On 7/05/2023 the community proposed a modification to the Subsynth Crystal recipe, aiming to align it more closely with other crafting recipes. They suggested that “​​instead of using an Adsynth in the recipe, a Subsynth Crystal could now be created using 100ki, 1 Fire, and 1 Water Crystal (as opposed to Earth and Metal that are used for Adsynth). This crystal combination is currently free and a nice contrast to the Adsynth recipe. Drop rate [could remain the same].” 

Through discussions revolving around crafting randomness versus predictability and economic impacts, the community contributed to refining the game's core mechanics. This proposal exemplifies how engaging the player base in such decisions can lead to a harmonious balance between creativity and game economy.

After a community vote 82% in favor, the Genopets team accepted the proposal and introduced the new recipe with the launch of Season 1 as suggested with 1 Water, 1 Fire, and a 25 KI cost to align with other Season 1 updates being introduced at the time.

Through discussions revolving around crafting randomness versus predictability and economic impacts, the community continues to contribute to refining the game's core mechanics. This proposal exemplifies how engaging the player base in such decisions can lead to a harmonious balance between creativity and game economy.

Conclusion: A Shared Vision of Excellence

In a world where community engagement is the key to success, the Genopets team has embraced a visionary approach. By accepting and implementing proposals from the community, we’re not just developing a game but cultivating a living, breathing universe. These accepted proposals aren't just about tweaks and changes; they're about building a game that reflects the collective aspirations of players and developers alike. As Genopets continues to evolve, one thing remains certain: the bond forged between developers and players is a testament to the power of shared dreams and a commitment to crafting something extraordinary.

Want to get involved with community proposals? Join the Governance-Forum on our Discord.

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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