Introducing Arcade Mode: one of the latest features launched with app update v0.9.0, this dynamic and fast-paced addition to the Genoverse opens up a new avenue for competition and fun. Let's delve into what makes this endless runner game a captivating addition to Genopets and why it complements the app's mission to encourage players to prioritize their health.

Prioritize Your Well-Being

Why did we build an endless runner game in Genopets? The answer is simple: to make the game even more enjoyable. Genopets has always been developed to motivate players to focus on their well-being. Endless runner games, including Genopets' new Arcade Mode, offer players a delightful outlet to decompress and escape from the demands of everyday life. Beyond entertainment, these games help players develop vital skills such as hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and improved attention spans.

How to Play

To access Arcade Mode, tap the middle hexagon on the home screen and then click 'Arcade Mode'.

Once in, you and your Genopet will embark on an endless running adventure. Your mission is to dodge obstacles and collect gems and chest shards. To navigate throughout the course you can either slipe your finger left and right across the screen or you can click the controller icon on the top left side of the screen to turn on the ability to tap left and right instead. 

The longer you run and the more gems you gather, the higher your score will be. The real excitement comes from collecting chest shards. The shards throughout the course correspond to prize chests you can unlock after your run. The more shards you accumulate, the better the chest you can unlock, and the more valuable the prize contained within.

Unlock Prizes

The prizes inside these chests include essential resources like food and toys that you can use to nurture your Genopet. This provides an additional way to pamper your virtual companion beyond the traditional banking rewards, making your Genopet's experience even more enjoyable and engaging.

Extend Your Run with Quibits

What if you face an unexpected obstacle or challenge and your run ends? With Quibits, you can choose to continue your run, ensuring you don't miss out on the opportunity to collect more chest shards and achieve a higher score. Quibits offer a valuable second chance, allowing you to push further in the game and aim for those elusive, better chests.

Level Up and Apply Augments To Boost Your HP

To maximize your chances of success in Arcade Mode, it's essential to level up your Genopet. The higher your Genopet's level, the greater its HP score, which represents its ability to continue running after colliding with obstacles. While you can pick up hearts during your run to restore HP, having a Genopet with naturally high HP can help you run further and score higher. Additionally, you can boost your Genopet's HP by equipping it with Augments that enhance this specific stat, with Aviana Augments being one notable option.

Compete on the Global Stage

Arcade Mode doesn't just offer a fun and challenging experience; it introduces a brand-new leaderboard for you to climb. Will you be able to outscore Genovians from all around the world and secure your spot at the top? This competitive aspect of Arcade Mode adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the game, pushing players to strive for excellence and claim their place on the global stage.

With Arcade Mode
, you can dive headfirst into a thrilling world of endless running, exciting challenges, and valuable rewards. Whether you're looking for an outlet to decompress or aiming to dominate the global leaderboard, Arcade Mode offers something for every Genovian. So, step into this dynamic and fun-filled dimension of the Genoverse, collect gems, chest shards, and compete to be the best!

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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