1. Claim your prize(s) by redeeming Kippu and GENE on Mainframe

  2. You can redeem all the Golden Kippu you’ve been collecting in batches to win multiple prizes

  3. The more KIppu you cash in at once, the better your chance of winning higher tier prizes, but don’t rush to bet it all at once! There are many unique prizes up for grabs. You only get one prize per redemption. 

  4. You’ll want a lot of GENE. 11 GENE is the minimum required for one redemption with B.L.I.N.K

  5. The more Kippu you cash in at once, the more GENE will be required

Welcome, Treasure Hunters! The Golden Kippu Treasure Hunt has reached its end, and it's now time to reap the rewards of your cunning puzzle-solving, daring arcade maneuvers, and consistent step banking. Prize redemption opens on Friday, February 9th at 4pm UTC and will remain open for several weeks. Prepare to cash in your hard-earned Golden Kippu with our newest AI friend, B.L.I.N.K. (Binary Lottery Interface with Novelty Keepsake).  the B.L.I.N.K. is the esteemed guardian and bestower of prizes in the Golden Kippu Treasure Hunt.

Redeeming Kippu and receiving prizes requires a wallet. If you acquired Kippu solely through the app and don’t have a wallet yet, read this to learn how to get a Phantom wallet and this to learn how to connect it to your game account. 

Need more Kippu to better your odds of winning the best prizes? Didn’t win what you wanted the first time around and you want to redeem another prize? Grab some more Kippu from the SFT Marketplace!

How to Claim Prizes:

Head to Mainframe to claim your prizes. Make sure to sign in with the wallet linked to your game account, where all the Golden Kippu you won from solving Puzzles 1-3 and purchased from the SFT Marketplace or Magic Eden are stored. Any Kippu accrued through Banking Rewards, Arcade Mode, or in-app marketplace transactions will need to be turned into SFTs and added to your wallet via the Genoverse Portal.

To bring your in-app KIPPU through the Portal, go to the ‘Special’ tab in your Inventory. In the ‘In Genoverse’ section, you will find your Kippu. Click the ‘+’ button until all your Kippu are selected and then click ‘Bring Out Of Genoverse’.

Upon reaching the Prize Claim page, you'll be greeted by B.L.I.N.K., ready to orchestrate your prize acquisition. Should you desire multiple prizes, fear not! You can redeem Kippu in batches from B.L.I.N.K. However, note that the more Kippu you redeem at once, the greater your chances of coveting the most esteemed prizes. So whether you want multiple prizes or just have your eyes on the Legendary prize, you’ll want as much Kippu as possible! And remember, while bulk redemption heightens your odds, chance still plays a key role in prize allocation.

Prepare to offer GENE to B.L.I.N.K., the currency of exchange for your Golden Kippu. The amount of GENE required depends on the quantity of Kippu you are redeeming. Once your selections are made, press the claim button, and enjoy as B.L.I.N.K. unveils your coveted rewards, promptly adding them to your wallet. If you want to use these prizes in the Genopets app (which you most likely will), use the Genoverse Portal function within your Mainframe inventory to transfer them into the game.

Please note that while some items may be instantly available for in-app usage, others may require a moment's patience. We shall keep you duly informed of any developments.

Kippu/Gene Breakdown:

Prize Breakdown:

The Golden Kippu Treasure Hunt boasts six tiers of prizes, encompassing a total of 11 amazing items. Among these, the Legendary Class Alkali Moragon Eye Augment reigns supreme, boasting unparalleled stats within the Genoverse. Exclusive to this hunt, it stands as a testament to your prowess and ingenuity and is one of the rarest SFTs in the Genoverse.

The A and B Prize Tiers present two Rare Class Augments: the Alkali Alakran Tail and the Alkali Talaria Antennae. These prestigious Augments imbued with formidable abilities, serve as prized additions to any Genoverse collection.

Additional prizes include Energy Boosts, food and toys, and Shells. Shells are SUPER COOL. They are a new cosmetic item that is launching as part of the Golden Kippu Treasure Hunt. Apply a Shell to your Genopet, the way you would a Cosmetic Crystal, and you will be able to change the texture of your Genopet. If you've seen the Bitcoin Babies or Aqua Genopets and felt insanely jealous, you'll definitely want to get your hands on one or more of these Shells. The Shells available through the Hunt are Jurassic, Cetacea, and Aviana which match the special Season 1 Augments and colors we dropped a few months ago.  

So, Genovians, prepare to embark on this final leg of the Golden Kippu Treasure Hunt, where triumph and treasures await those bold enough to claim them. With B.L.I.N.K. as your guide, let the pursuit of prizes commence!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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