Missed the Townhall but didn’t want to miss out on all the alpha? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here’s a breakdown of everything we shared ⬇️

The Release of App Update v0.7.1

Achievements & Badges Are Here

We began our announcement bonanza with the unveiling of Genopets version 0.7.1. This latest release introduces Achievements, marking another completed milestone down our Road to Market and adding an extra layer of excitement and accomplishment to your Genopets journey. 

Keep your eyes on the prize and unleash your competitive spirit to achieve badges that showcase your dedication as a Genopet trainer. 

There are two categories of badges—milestones and streaks. Achieve milestone badges for hitting a record number of steps. Achieve streak badges based on your consistency at banking consecutive days in a row.

Step Up Your Game Achievements Competition

Who doesn’t love a little extra motivation? The Genopets team is hosting a special Achievements competition!

The first Genovian to achieve the “First Million Is The Hardest” badge will win a Genesis Habitat.

Any Genovian to achieve the “Persistence Is A Virtue” badge within the next ten days will receive a limited-edition summer toy.

On the backend, everyone’s Achievement progress, regardless of upgrading to v0.7.1, is currently being tracked. We did a reset this morning to keep it fair for everyone in the race to see who’s the first to a million steps. Only steps from this morning's reset forward will count for the competition.

Bitcoin Babies Are Now Playable In-App

Okay Genovians, it’s finally time to bring your BTC Babies home 🧡Thanks to update v0.7.1, Bitcoin Babies can be imported into the game by connecting your Xverse* wallet to your game account on Mainframe. Now your BTC Babies can enjoy all of your favorite features from Augmentation, to Evolution, to changing up their styles by applying Cosmetic Crystals. And have no fear! No matter how you play with your new BTC Baby, they’ll always maintain their signature Bitcoin texture. 

*Xverse is the only wallet that supports Ordinals in an actual game. Jay will be joining the Ordinals show Monday to talk about being the first game to implement an Ordinals utility.

Launch of Crafting Seasons 

General Overview of Seasons and Crafting

Crafting is a fundamental part of the overall gameplay. It's part of how the player-created economy we envisioned is able to function. When we first launched Crafting, we were just super excited to get the content out there so that players could start Crafting. Going forward, we want to make sure there's more of a stable framework for releasing web3 content, especially things around recipes and craftable items. As you can only imagine, we have so many ideas in store for future craftable items, but we want to put them out in an organized way that fits the roadmap of releases and overall theme for that period. As such, we’ve developed the concept of Seasons.

Seasons at their core are about the builders of the Genoverse. It's about Alchemists and making sure they understand what the plan is for the next few months. There will be multiple seasons throughout the year, each transitioning naturally into the next

Season 1—The Inaugural Season

Season 1 will include tons of new features and craftable items and will officially launch July 21, 2023.

Season-specific Pallets: There will be 5 new color combinations, which means 15 new Cosmetic Crystals across the Adsynth, Subsynth, and Lume Crystals. We’ve developed 5 new full looks for your Genopet to rock during Season 1. Which is your favorite?

Season-Specific Augments: We’ll be releasing 16 new Styles of Augments, which equates to 144 new Augments that will be available to craft. 

New Craftable Items: In addition to the Augments and Cosmetics, we’re also going to have two brand-new craftable item types. We’ll be releasing a craftable Energy Boost and textures. Textures will allow you new ways to customize your Genopet’s aesthetic beyond their Augments and coloring. Bitcoin babies will be the first Genopets in-game to feature texture, but they most certainly won’t be the last!

New Features: True Colors and Style Set Bonus

True Colors: Based on player feedback, we’ve developed a new feature that will allow players to return their Genopets to their original summoning color without requiring Cosmetic Crystals. This will give players greater confidence when experimenting with colors. 

Style Set Bonus: To date, all Augments have been a part of their own unique family. Each Augment typically had its own style that didn’t transfer to any other part. We’re changing that now and releasing something called a Style Set. 

A Style Set is a set of Augments that fit across a set of parts that all maintain the same style. They are meant to be assembled as a collection. Once you equip your pet with the complete Style Set, an additional Stat Boost or Special Game Ability will be unlocked. 

Three unique Style Sets will be released in Season 1, including Aviana and Jurassic. 

Fun Fact: if you collect all Augments in the Jurassic Set and equip them to your Genopet, you will receive a Speed Boost that will be useful for those looking to dominate in Step Battles. 

Also note: Genesis Augments are a set within themselves. They may not have the stat modifiers that some of the other Augments to, but when you equip them all together it will most definitely be worth it. 

Treasure Hunt 

A new Treasure Hunt has been announced. It is our intention to have a Treasure Hunt for each Season. Crafting the items for Season 1 will give you an advantage in the Season 1 Treasure Hunt.

Dev Update

Record-High Velocity

The dev team has had record-high velocity over the last several weeks. We announced the Road to Market on May 12, and have delivered three releases since then—0.6.2, 0.7.0, 0.7.1. We are currently at the halfway point on the Road to Market. The dev team has hit a stride of pushing releases roughly every 2 weeks. 

We are currently testing the internal Marketplace. 

DNA Governance Forum

The idea behind Governance is mainly for the game to be maintained by the community. We want the community to monitor the game and make suggestions on updates that should be implemented to better the game. We also love receiving proposals about proposed features, but that isn’t the main motivation for having a Governance Forum. 

“Economically does this make sense?” “Is this the right thing for the players?” These are great questions that should be asked by people participating in the Governance Forum. When answering these questions it’s important to look at both player emotions and player data to figure out what makes sense.

A proposal that has passed and is currently being implemented relates to Habitat Upgrade Costs. 

Currently, Governance is being tested within DNA, but Albert is working on the official on-chain Governance that will be based on GENE Staking.

…One More Thing!

Season 0 Promo 

Season 0, all the things that have been craftable to date, is ending with a special promo. Season 1 will bring a plethora of new craftable items—including Augments, Cosmetic Crystals, and Boosts—that will replace many of Season 0’s items. 

70% of Augments and 53% of Cosmetics will disappear. They will be pulled out of the crafting recipe book and will no longer be craftable. The idea is that Seasons will represent a cyclical availability of the items that can be crafted within the Genoverse. 

As an incentive to craft season 0 items before they disappear, Cosmetic crafting prices have been slashed! 

There are 3 weeks left of Season 0, which means you have 3 weeks to craft the items of Season 0. As such, we have made all of the Season 0 recipes public. Head to your recipe book on Mainframe for all the recipes and get crafting!

Fun Fact: There is a community-created crafting tool that shows what makes sense to craft and what the market is reacting to. Learn more about it on our Discord.

Closing Thoughts

The Genopets Townhall has been a treasure trove of exciting announcements and updates. From the release of version 0.7.1 to the introduction of Achievements, badges, and the upcoming Season 1, Genopets continues to deliver a captivating and evolving gaming experience. Embrace the spirit of Seasons, explore new crafting possibilities, and get ready for thrilling adventures as you prepare for the next Treasure Hunt. See you in the Genoverse!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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