As discussed at our last town hall, there are a number of changes coming that will help grow the economy, simplify the Web3 crafting and Harvesting aspects of the game, and set the community up for success as we continue to grow. Over the past few weeks we’ve held open conversations with the DNA community on Discord and solicited feedback from the most active members of the community; the takeaways from these have shaped the final implementation details of the intended changes.

That’s why we are implementing the new Harvesting/Habitat Rework changes discussed below, as well as the Energy 2.0 changes.

Our goals with these changes are to:

  • Align incentives with value-generating actions

    • The proposal aims to ensure that the incentives offered by the Harvesting system are directly tied to actions that contribute value to the Genopets network, such as holding GENE.

  • Limit inflation of KI token and Habitats (assets)

    • By switching to a fixed pool, we can rein in unchecked token emissions and provide a price floor.

    • Changes to Terraformation will more strictly control who can create more Habitats.

  • Simplify the system

    • The rework seeks to simplify the harvesting system, making it easier for players to understand and participate in, thereby encouraging greater adoption.

  • Rewards based on player stake

    • The proposal aims to ensure that individual players' share of rewards is primarily determined by how much they have invested into the network, incentivizing long-term engagement and investment.

Technical development is underway and, once the implementation is scheduled, the date will be announced well in advance. Once implemented, we’ll update the whitepaper. Until then, these articles are your best source for information.

Harvesting Rework & Habitat Changes


With this update, Harvesting will no longer be based solely on a per-Habitat basis. To align the Harvesting framework with broader ecosystem changes, the Total Harvestable $KI will now be a function of the sum of all active Habitats' levels.

  • Habitats will no longer produce Harvestable (claimable) KI according to the rules outlined in the current whitepaper.

  • KI will be released as a fixed pool.

  • Each active Habitat will have a claimable share of that fixed pool, based on their calculated Habitat Weight.

  • Habitat Weight can be calculated using the following formula: 

Habitat Multiplier x GENE Weight

  • Habitat Multiplier is calculated as follows:

Habitat Multiplier = (Habitat Level) / 9

  • GENE weight can be calculated as follows:


Example Matrix of Habitat Weight scenarios, using the formulas above:

GENE Stored \ Level













































































Habitat Leveling

  • Adding more levels: Habitats will now start at Level 1 and be upgradable up to Level 10.

  • Leveling up a Habitat requires XP and then use of the Upgrade action.

  • XP requirement to level = 1,200 x current Habitat level

    • E.g., Leveling up from Level 1 to 2 requires the Level 1 Habitat to accumulate 1,200 XP first

  • 2 ways to acquire XP:

    • Converting KI at a rate of 1:1

    • Merge another Habitat into the selected Habitat, burning it and adding its XP to the remaining Habitat’s XP total

  • After acquiring enough XP, Habitat can be Upgraded. Upgrading a Habitat costs:

    • 10 GENE x next level (e.g., leveling up to Level 3 would require 30 GENE)

    • Crystals, quantity equal to current habitat level:

      • Upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2 = 1 crystal of same elemental type as Habitat

      • Upgrading from Level 2 to Level 3 = 2 crystals of same elemental type as Habitat

      • Upgrading from Level 9 to Level 10 = 9 crystals of same elemental type as Habitat

Sub-Habitats and Habitat Connectivity

The Sub-Habitat feature will be removed altogether so that, once these changes have been implemented, Habitats will no longer be able to connect with one another (thereby eliminating the need and complexity involved for users in distinguishing between Primary and Sub-Habitats).

Implementation & Habitat Merge

​Habitat Merge is the process by which current Habitats will be converted from their current state to be compatible with the Harvesting & Habitat changes outlined above. Through this process, the following changes should be implemented:

  • The Sub-Habitat feature will be removed. Going forward, Habitats that have been merged into the new system will not be able to connect to any other Habitats.

  • All active Habitats will be “converted” to be compatible with the new Harvesting and Level mechanics. This means implementing:

    • New level range (up to 10) with updated upgrading costs

    • Habitat XP as a value, which serves as progression towards the next level. The XP cost of each successive level is the [(next habitat level) x 1200]. KI will be convertible to XP at 1:1 rate within the Habitat management program.

    • Habitat’s Harvesting mechanics will convert to the design outlined above

  • Any connected Habitat setups will be given the option of converting to be compatible with the new system. This conversion will:
    • Burn the Sub-Habitats

    • Assign the primary Habitat a new level, based on # of factors (see below for the formula)

    • Important to the community to give players the option of burning or retaining their NFTS

Merge - Treatment of Existing Habitats

The actual Merging of the Habitats will require a verified signature from the owner. Otherwise, all connected Habitats will be placed into an “Inactive” state, where they cannot function until the owner resolves on one of the two options:

  • Merge Habitats - 

    • If it is a solo Habitat with no subs - selecting this option means the Habitat is converted to be compatible with the new system and the merge formula below determines its level and XP. 

    • If it is a connected Habitat setup - selecting this option means Sub-Habitats are burned and the primary Habitat is leveled up and converted to be compatible with the new system

  • Disconnect / Do Not Merge - selecting this option should cause all connected Habitats to be disconnected and sent to the player’s wallet

​When the Merge option is selected, the following formula will be applied to every Habitat setup, whether it is a solo Habitat or connected Habitats. For solo Habitats, the calculation below determines its level and current XP total in the new system, post-Merge. For connected Habitats, the program will utilize the following formula to determine the new Habitat XP of each of the connected Habitats (Primary + up to 2 subs) and sum them to determine the XP and level of the newly merged Habitat.

New Habitat XP = old Habitat level XP + restore ‘true’ bonus + dormancy fraction * (0.5*(old Habitat KI cap * remaining lifespan) + 0.5*((old Habitat KI cap – 10) * remaining durability)))

Formula Terms

  • Old Habitat level XP – this value will be calculated using the rate of 1,200 XP per old Habitat level

    • e.g. if your Habitat is currently level 3, this value would be 3600 based on the new cost.

  • Restore ‘true’ bonus – this is a bonus level up for all Habitats that have been restored at least once (regardless of whether the Habitat is currently active or dormant), the intent being to reward long term players. 

    • This could be calculated using XP from if true XP = current Habitat level * 1200, else = 0.

  • Dormancy fraction – this parameter will be determined by identifying the current status of a Habitat (active or dormant), its last restore date, and days spent dormant before last restore date. If a Habitat has never been restored the dormancy fraction is 1. The formula is:

dormancy fraction = 1 – ((days dormant before restore + days dormant since restore) / (days since restore + days dormant before restore))

ReasoningThis method is intended to reward all early adopters by providing an advantageous conversion, but also to create some discrepancy between Habitats that have been kept active vs those which have been dormant for considerable time. The method is also based on historical behavior, so it should not be possible to obtain an unfair advantage from the knowledge that a merge is going to occur.


  • Example 1: Level 3 regular Habitat activated 400 days ago. Restored once and never dormant. 80 days lifespan and 245 days durability.

    • New Habitat XP = 3600 + 3600 + (400/400)*((0.5 * 70 * 80) + (0.5 * 60 * 245)) = 17350

    • New Habitat level = 5 & 5350/6000 XP (to level 6)

  • Example 2: Level 3 Genesis Habitat activated 600 days ago. It was restored once but has been dormant for the past 150 days. 90 days of durability remain.

    • New Habitat XP = 3600 + 3600 + (450/600) * (0.5 * 70 * 90) = 9563

    • New Habitat level = 4 & 2363/4800 XP (to level 5)

  • Example 3: Level 2 regular Habitat activated 150 days ago. It has not been restored but has been active the whole time. It has 20 days of lifespan left and 100 days of durability.

    • New Habitat XP = 1200 + 0 + (150/150)*((0.5 * 50 * 20) + (0.5 * 40 * 100)) = 3700

    • New Habitat level = 3 & 100/3600 xp (to level 4)


  • Terraformation is changing substantially. 

  • Only Level 10 Habitats will be able to Terraform, by being split into two (2) separate Level 1 Habitats. This will be the only way new Habitats can be created going forward.

  • Terraform Seeds will no longer have a role to play in Terraformation. They will be a critical crafting ingredient and quest item for Season 2.

Closing Thoughts

By implementing these changes, we aim to create a more sustainable economy, make the Web3 side of the game more approachable for new players, and build the foundation for in-app Web3 functionality.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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