rar·i·ty /ˈrerədē/ — the state or quality of being rare, unusual, or uncommon; not found in large numbers and, consequently, of interest or value.


  • Don’t miss out on the final opportunity to hatch a Genesis Genopet at genesis.genopets.me. You must have a Genopet Egg in your wallet to get started.
  • TUESDAY 12/14/2021 at 17:00 UTC is the DEADLINE to hatch.
  • All Genopet Eggs that remain unhatched by this date will lose the ability to produce a Genesis Genopet.
  • You can purchase a Genopet Egg right now from our trusted marketplace partners: Magic Eden, FTX.US, or Solanart.Lachlan
  • Since every Genopet is procedurally generated based on user inputs during the hatching process, everyone must hatch their Genesis Genopet before attribute rarity can be determined.
  • Imbue your personality into a Genesis Genopet, your digital spirit animal, and bring it to life with the first-ever immersive hatching experience!

What’s good, Genovian Fam! There are three days left to hatch your Genesis Genopet and experience the epic minting process that is Genesis Genopets! After that, there will never be another Genesis Genopet brought into the Genoverse — ever! 😩

We’ve designed Genopets to be procedurally generated from your inputs during the hatching experience, which has been challenging to create. With that, we hope you find the imbuing of your personality into your Genopet as gratifying as we do. Remember, these aren’t just JPEGs from a predetermined set; they’re fully customizable 3D models that are created on the fly as you hatch. And not only does your Genopet become more beautiful as you play and evolve, but it’s also through distinctive personalization that makes them completely unique. Rarity increases with each new augment and attributes your Genopet obtains in the game.

Let’s Talk Rarity

There has been a lot of talk about Genopet rarity circulating in the community since we released the 3,333 Genopet Eggs, and we just want to clear some things up.

Many people have been asking questions like, “How do I get a green one with wings?” or “How do I get a black one with the gold lines?” Well, the reality is, because every Genopet is procedurally generated, we can’t possibly know or dictate which Genopet you will receive. (Yes, this even goes for the custom one-of-ones we made for Lachlan, Tobias Harris, Keisuke Honda, and AB De Villiers because their personality and wallet address dictated what type of Genopet they received — just like yours does.)

So, because we don’t know what Genopets will be created from the eggs, it’s not until every Genopet Egg hatches into a Genesis Genopet, we will be able to report on the specificity of attribute rarity. Until then, note that every, and I mean EVERY, Genopet is rare because it was made by YOU.

Genopets will provide millions of users with a digital spirit animal to be nurtured, battle-seasoned, and evolved to their specific taste. And because no Genopets can exist without the instillment of a player’s personality, all Genopets are intrinsically valuable and rare because they are created in your likeness. So, we’re not only creating digital spirit animals with 12 different body parts for every player, 78 levels, and 12 stages of evolution, but endless customization to feed your creative output and truly match its maker.

The procedurally generated body parts and colors of Genopets are generated on the fly as you undergo the hatching process. The selections you make during the Egg Hatching experience are combined with a salt of your wallet address to make each and every Genopent truly one-of-a-kind.

Currently, the rarest Genopets in existence are the Genesis Genopets that hatch from Genopet Eggs. There are and will only ever be a maximum of 3,333. A Genesis Genopet = your stamp on history!

Everyone will have until TUESDAY 12/14/2021 at 17:00 UTC to HATCH their Genopet Egg into a Genesis Genopet at genesis.genopets.me

If you have an egg in your wallet after purchasing on a marketplace below you will be able to hatch.

If you’re trying to sell your egg on a marketplace, you will need to pull it from the marketplace and hatch it by the deadline.

Any Genopet Eggs that remain unhatched by Tuesday will become cracked and lose their ability to produce a Genesis Genopet. In addition, anyone holding a Genopet Egg after this time will miss the opportunity to imbue their personality into a Genesis Genopet and bring it to life with the first-ever immersive hatching experience.

If you didn’t get a Genopet Egg and really want to partake in creating your own Genesis Genopet spirit animal, head over to one of the official partnered marketplaces to purchase. (But hurry — time’s running out!)

Purchase and hatch the last of the Genopet Egg NFTs!

There is a science to this magic! The questions that appear during the hatching process are based on a personality test that can be traced back to a concept called “trait theory.”

Trait theory asserts that an individual is composed of distinguishable characteristics between different people. These traits can also be defined as habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. So, if you choose the words that resonate with you the most, chances are, its personality analysis will reflect it!

To review your Genopet’s personal description, including its personality analysis, go to https://solscan.io and input your token address (not your wallet address) in the search bar to reveal its metadata.

Stay up-to-date on the latest updates and releases by following our socials below. Good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you in the Genoverse! Happy Egg hunting!

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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