As we uncover the legends of the Genoverse, we are met with new concepts and ideas that we can only begin to understand. The story unfolds every week with new facets of the coming to light.

And because new members are joining the Genovian community daily, we decided to release an official Genopets glossary to ensure we’re all on the same page. Take a look at the terms to familiarize yourself with them.

Make sure to mind the details. You never know what curious minds will find.

Alchemy: Alchemy is a term that we use to refer to crafting. It describes the transmutation of one or more things into something completely different.

Augment: An Augment is a generative NFT accessory that players can use to enhance their Genopet’s physical attributes and performance values. Due to the cybernetic nature of Genopets, players can swap their body parts for a more pleasing appearance and better performance values. Augmenting your Genopet will visually update your Genopet NFT.

BankingBanking refers to the action of pressing the “Bank Button” mechanism in the app to record steps taken in the real world and apply them to the player’s in-game progression.

Beta Tester: A beta tester is a player who volunteers to play the game and provide the team with meaningful feedback regarding bug fixes, crashes, and suggestions.

Blockchain: Blockchain is a transparent, peer-to-peer public ledger that records information that acts as a permanent record for various transactions.

Boost: A boost refers to an in-game item, most commonly an NFT, that allows players to hold or consume to temporarily increase some aspect of their character’s abilities.

Crypto: Crypto is the shortened version of “cryptocurrency,” an encrypted data string of digital currency on the blockchain.

DNA: DNA is a private channel in the Genopets community discord for active community members who have achieved rank 10, have correctly answered the DNA entry quiz questions and were nominated for DNA by other members of the server. It is composed of the most passionate and dedicated members who sincerely care about the long-term success of the game.

Dual-Token System: The Dual-Token System is a model commonly found in play-to-earn games and is made up of two tokens that represent governance and utility.

Dual-Earning Economy: The Dual-Earning economy refers to our method of allowing both free and paid players to monetize their in-game NFTs.

Decentralized: Decentralized is a term that refers to the distribution of functions and powers of an activity or organization that is controlled by several authorities rather than one single one.

Earth Crystal: An Earth Crystal is a Genotype Crystal NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of earth.

Elemental Class: Elemental classes are special archetypes that dictate a Genopet’s “type” of physical attributes and movesets. They are also used to classify Habitats and govern the type of unrefined crystals that they produce. There are 5 types of elemental classes: Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Wood, and you will need 1 of each of them to mint a Genesis Habitat.

Esoterra: Esoterra is the name of the Genopet home planet.

Evolution: Evolution refers to the path of development that Genopets take as they reach level milestones. There are 12 stages of Evolution for Genopets

Fire Crystal: A Fire Crystal is a Genotype Crystal NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and move sets to reflect the element of fire.

Free-to-Play: Free-to-Play is a term used by games to describe basic access to the game for free, while more advanced features can be paid for.

Gematria Galaxy: Gematria Galaxy is the name of the Galaxy in which Esoterra exists.

GENE Token: GENE Token is a governance token that represents the value of the Genopets game as a whole and is used along with KI to craft in-game NFTs.

Genesis Genopet: A Genesis Genopet is a rare first edition Genopet NFT that has a special Genesis tattoo, is pre-evolved to the fourth stage of evolution, and unlocks exclusive customizable features. There were 3,333 made, and only 3,218 were hatched into existence, with the remainder turning into cracked Genopet Eggs.

Genesis Habitat: A Genesis Habitat is a rare first edition Habitat NFT that has a special Genesis emblem and produces all 5 classes of unrefined crystals. Curiouser and curiouser!

Genopets (game)Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game on Solana that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Genopets combines users’ step data from their mobile device with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so players can earn crypto for taking action in real life as they explore the Genoverse crafting, battling, and evolving with their Genopet.

Genopet: A Genopet is a generative NFT with 78 levels of upgrades and 12 stages of material evolution that comes with an endless amount of customization to make it as unique as the player who owns it.

Genopet Egg: A Genopet Egg is a generative NFT that players hatched to reveal a Genesis Genopet. Any Genopet Eggs that were not hatched subsequently cracked, deeming them unable to produce a Genesis Genopet. There were 3,333 made and 3,218 of them were hatched, leaving only 115 in existence.

Genoverse: The Genoverse is the Genopets ecosystem. It is a parallel world interconnected to our own with a neon fantasy theme that’s best described as “cyber magic.”

Genovian: A Genovian is a member of the community who plays and supports Genopets.

Genotype Crystal: A Genotype Crystal NFT is a consumable type of Refined Crystal that allows players’ Genopets to temporarily change their elemental class, and therefore, its physical appearance and movesets. Genotype Crystals are the result of refining unrefined elemental crystals.

Guild: A guild is a term that refers to a group of investors, gamers, and managers alike who purchase large quantities of NFTs and make them accessible to players by both familiarizing them with the game and renting or lending them out to those who don’t want to pay the full price of the NFT, but would like to benefit from earning.

Habitat: A Habitat is a generative 3D landscape NFT that both acts as a home for a player’s Genopet and promotes the enhancement and evolution of the Genopet that lives there. Habitats also give players the ability to earn KI and generate unrefined crystals on a regular basis.

HODL: An acronym that means “hold on for dear life”, typically used to reference people holding on to NFTs or cryptocurrencies and not selling them.

KI Token (/kEE/): KI Token is an in-game utility token that is earned in-game by players with Habitat NFTs or purchased through exchanges.

Laboratory: A Laboratory is a structure in a Genopet’s Habitat where players go to refine their unrefined crystals and turn them into Refined Crystal NFTs.

Landlord: A landlord is a player who purchases a Habitat with the intent of leasing it to other players as a means of earning a steady flow of resources.

Levels: Levels refer to the character progress mechanic of experience-based incremental ability gain where every increment is equal to 1 level.

Merchant: A merchant is a player who chooses to use a Habitat to farm and refine valuable crystals to regularly trade in the open marketplace as a means of earning.

Metal Crystal: A Metal Crystal is a Genotype Crystal NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of metal.

Mint: Minting is a decentralized method that refers to turning a digital file into a digital asset or crypto collectible.

Move-to-Play: Move-to-play is a term coined by Genopets that describes the action of turning players’ real-life movements into in-game progression.

Move-to-Earn: Move-to-earn is a term coined by Genopets that describes the action of converting players’ real-life movements into in-game progression to appreciate their in-game assets and sell them in the open marketplace.

Nanobots: Nanobots are the plague that permeates Esoterra. Be careful, Nanobots can take over how Genopets and Habitats function if infected.

NFT: NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token.” It is a digital asset that exists in its own block on the blockchain. NFTs provide instant provenance of ownership while allowing people the option to trade them in the open marketplace.

NPC: An NPC is an acronym for “nonplayer character.” It is a character that is controlled by a computer rather than a real person.

Play-to-Earn (P2E): Play-to-earn is a model that allows players to earn financial benefits for playing a game.

PowerUpA PowerUp refers to an in-game item, most commonly an NFT, that players can hold or consume to add temporary benefit or extra abilities to a player character.

Private Beta: A private beta is a prototype phase of game development for a subset of users to test the game and provide meaningful feedback for the game developer. It’s commonly used to improve the player experience before the public beta.

Public Beta: A public beta is the final prototype phase of game development where the game developer opens testing to the public for final touches and suggestions before a broader game launch.

PVE: PVE is an acronym for “player versus environment.” It is a game mode that consists of playing against NPCs as players explore the environment and its quests.

PVP: PVP is an acronym for “player versus player.” It is a game mode that consists of either playing against other users or working with them to play against an NPC.

Refined Crystal: A Refined Crystal is a type of NFT that is produced by refining unrefined crystals in the laboratory. An example of a refined crystal is a Genotype Crystal.

Refining Process: The refining process is a term used to describe converting an unrefined crystal to an NFT in Genopets..

Roadmap: A roadmap refers to an outline of the direction that the Genopet’s team is taking to achieve long-term goals.

Scholar: A scholar refers to players who are part of a guild.

Staking: Staking refers to locking up crypto holdings in order to obtain rewards or earn interest.

Terraform Seed: A Terraform Seed is an NFT and one of the key components required for your journey towards acquiring a Habitat NFT for your Genopet.

Trainer: A trainer is a player who aims to nurture, battle, evolve, and customize their Genopet to increase its rarity and raise its value.

Unrefined Crystal: An unrefined crystal is not an NFT, but rather, an NFT precursor that is generated by Habitats. When refined in the Laboratory, players can transform them into Genotype Crystals, a class of Refined Crystal NFT.

Water Crystal: A Water Crystal is a Genotype Crystal NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of water.

Whitelist: A whitelist consists of a list of crypto wallet addresses that are pre-approved to mint an NFT during its release.

Whitepaper: A whitepaper refers to a public document that explains the technical information about the concept of the game and a roadmap for how that concept will be executed.

W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R: W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R is the name of the first NPC in the Genoverse.

Wood Crystal: A Wood Crystal is a Genotype Crystal NFT that allows players to change their physical appearance and movesets to reflect the element of wood. You’ll need one of these to create a Genesis Habitat.

XP: XP is an acronym for “experience points.” It is a unit of measurement players will use to track their in-game progress and the growth of their Genopet. All players can earn XP for banking their real-life steps.

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