The idea of gaming with NFTs makes us blue in the face with excitement. It rolls off the tongue naturally, too — “NFT gaming.” The two seem to complement each other and harmonize so well. How could we not want in?

NFTs are one of the best examples of blockchain innovations to date. Traditional mobile gaming consists of playing and paying for in-game items that become worthless when you put the game down. Whereas, with NFTs, Genopets allows you to own your in-game assets that hold real value in and out of the game. Furthermore, NFTs, plus our coined Move-to-Earn model, is how we’re able to give you an actual reason to justify the long hours and hundreds of dollars you spend grinding for in-game loot.

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Genopets’ Dual-Earning Economy lets free players and financially invested players alike sell their in-game NFTs to other players in the open marketplace to earn. Although, as a free player (whose only means of earning is the sale of your precious Genopet), we understand how difficult it could be to cut ties. Thanks to our dynamic use of NFTs, we bring you near-endless discoveries and multiple ways to earn.


Habitats are beautiful generative 3D landscape NFTs that promote the enhancement and evolution of your Genopet and unlock your ability to earn KI regularly. And just in case I didn’t mention it already, they’re beautiful. In addition, purchasing a Habitat opens the door to becoming a paid player. And when you own a Habitat, you unlock a world of in-game features, benefits, and financial opportunities. Moreover, your Habitat is “home sweet home” for your Genopet which protects them from the plundering nanobot Virus…but be forewarned; they’re persistent buggars, and they’ll cease crystal production if you’re not vigilant.

As for those sitting on the fence about investing in your Genopets gameplay (even though we both know the amount of time and money we’ve previously spent on far less rewarding things), we’ve made it super accessible to jump in on the Habitat action.

What do I get out of owning a Habitat? How do I earn?

There are multiple benefits to owning a Habitat!

There are five Elemental Classes of Habitats: Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each Habitat spawns an in-game item called unrefined crystals of the respective Elemental Class (i.e., Fire Habitats spawn unrefined fire crystals). Players can then harvest the unrefined crystals and refine them in the Habitat Laboratory, turning them into Genotype Crystal NFTs. Players can then sell those Genotype Crystals on the open marketplace to other players.

Habitats spawn unrefined crystals daily. As they appear, you can harvest them, store them in your inventory and refine them when you’re ready. If you look around your Habitat, you’ll find a Laboratory where you can take your unrefined crystals to undergo a refining process (a.k.a minting process) to transform them into Genotype Crystals. Apply Genotype Crystals to your Genopet to change its appearance and unlock new movesets. You can also use Genotype Crystals for terraforming and upgrading your Habitat.

There are three levels of Habitats, each with its own Laboratory. Higher-level habitats spawn more unrefined crystals faster and have advanced Laboratories that reduce refinement and crafting time, allow you to refine more crystals at once, and enable you to craft more advanced recipes. So if you want to craft more valuable boosts, power-ups, items, and accessories for your Genopet, you may want to opt for a higher-level Habitat.

Suppose you feel you’ve collected enough of a particular type of Genotype Crystal. Perhaps your specific Habitat is no longer serving you, or maybe you have an eye on another Habitat but have max active Habitats. In any case, you can sell or trade your Habitat on the open marketplace to a player who’s probably been waiting for you to give it up.

(Note: An unrefined crystal is not an NFT until it you mint it and turn it into a Refined Crystal NFT — this process requires GENE and KI Tokens too, contributing to burn mechanics in the game)

How do I purchase a Habitat, and how much does it cost?

To start, players who buy a Genesis Habitat crafted through the Treasure Hunt and Guild partners will be the first players in the game with Habitats. After that, habitats will be available for purchase from other players on a spectrum of pricing set by the market, based on their level and rarity, so you get to choose how much you want to invest proportionally to how much you want to get out of the Genopets economy.

How many Habitats can I own?

There is no limit to how many Habitats you can own, but you can only have up to 3 active in-game at any time. Active Habitats are functional and are used to generate and refine unrefined crystals and alchemize them into new precious NFTs. Just make sure that you keep it maintained and free of nanobots.

(i.e., if you own three Lvl 3 Habitats, with enough GENE and KI Token and a little bit of time, you can refine nine unrefined crystals at a time. See “Refined Crystals” below for more details.)

Genotype Crystals

For starters, crafting is a core mechanic of Genopets. Any items created using two or more in-game items, without the use of Genotype Crystals is plainly referred to as “crafting.” However, the process of creating new NFTs using Genotype Crystals is a special type of crafting called Alchemy. Alchemy is the transmutation of specific Genotype Crystals created by the perfect elemental balance to form rare Genovian NFTs.

Habitats spawn unrefined crystals of the correlating Elemental Class. Once you harvest an unrefined crystal, you can store it in your inventory or make your way over to the Laboratory, where your crystal will undergo its refining (minting) process using GENE and KI Token. Over a varying duration, your unrefined crystal will transform into a Genotype Crystal. Genotype Crystals are the building blocks used to alchemize a variety of in-game Genopets NFTs. Use Genotype Crystals as consumables to activate special upgrades or alchemize them into power-ups, items, accessories, and more.

Genotype Crystals: Lvl 1 Habitats & Genotype Crystal Production

Lvl 1 Habitats spawn unrefined crystals daily that you can refine by using GENE and KI Token. Lvl 1 Laboratories provide one crystal chamber to produce one Refined Genotype Crystal at a time. Genotype Crystals change your Genopets Elemental-type and alter its battle performance, movesets, and visual attributes. You can save Genotype Crystals in your wallet, use them to give your Genopet a physical and visual leg up over your opponents, or sell and trade them to other eager players in the open marketplace.

Refined Crystals: Lvl 2 Habitats & Basic Alchemy

Lvl 2 Habitats spawn more unrefined crystals than Lvl 1 Habitats. And instead of having only one chamber to refine your unrefined crystals, you will have two. With two crystal chambers in your Laboratory, not only can you refine two crystals at once, but you can also perform Basic Crystal Crafting. Basic Crystal Crafting, or Basic Alchemy, is the transmutation of two Genotype crystals into Power-Up NFTs. Power-Ups give you abilities that boost XP, refining time, crafting time, and unrefined crystal spawning. Basic Crafting also requires GENE and KI Token.

Genotype Crystals: Lvl 3 Habitats & Advanced Alchemy

The real magic happens when you’re ready to step into the full power of owning a Habitat. Lvl 3 Habitats generate the highest amount of unrefined crystals. Your Laboratory boasts three crystal chambers so that you can refine three unrefined crystals at a time, producing three Genotype Crystals. Having three crystal chambers also means that you’ve mastered Basic Alchemy and can begin practicing Advanced Alchemy. Advanced Alchemy is the transmutation of three Refined Crystals into Advanced Items, Accessories, Boosts, and even other types of Refined Genotype Crystals (Gene Crystal NFTs). Advanced Alchemy also requires GENE and KI Token.

Owning a Habitat unlocks all sorts of features that can weave you right into the fabric of the Genopets in-game economy, so you can start earning without having to give up your digital spirit animal or having to sacrifice paying your bills. Step out of your gaming shackles and into the Genoverse to explore hidden realms, battle with friends, and earn crypto for staying active. Until next time! 


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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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