1. Genopets: Reborn is the next chapter of the Genopets journey and the introduction of a Generative AI story mode layering an Augmented Reality world on top of your real-world surroundings.

  2. Q2 Strategic Priorities were announced: Mainframe Battle MVP, a Tokenomics revamp, and a more direct integration of Web3 rewards into the mobile game.

  3. The V1 launch date was set for March 20th, 2024, and includes a new onboarding experience and app refresh for improved usability and accessibility

  4. A Tokenomics Revamp was proposed to more directly align incentives, reward early adopters, and simplify the Web3 rewards loop to more easily onboard new players to the game. Initiatives include backing Qubits with GENE, revamping the Energy system to control KI inflation, and a rework of Harvesting and Habitat Management

As we gear up for the highly anticipated V1 launch on March 20, 2024, the Genopets Town Hall on March 8, 2024, marked a pivotal moment for all of us - the dawn of a new era, Genopets Reborn. A new chapter chartered towards a Generative AI future where players’ interactions with the real world in Augmented Reality will unfold the story of the Genoverse. From unveiling the highly anticipated V1 launch to a proposed overhaul of the Genopets Tokenomics to align incentives, the Town Hall was a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering an immersive gaming experience. Join us as we delve into the key highlights and announcements that are set to redefine the Genopets experience for players worldwide.

Genopets Reborn

A Vision for the Future

At the start of the Town Hall, we outlined our strategic priorities for Q2, including the launch of a Mainframe Battle MVP for community beta testing, challenge-based leaderboards with prize pools and airdrops, marketing partnerships, mobile game Web3 integration, and a revamp of our Tokenomics. These initiatives led by a new Generative AI adventure mode represent Genopets Reborn; the next phase of the project heading into the future.


Evolution of the In-App Economy: Tokenomics Revamp

A comprehensive revamp of our Tokenomics system has been proposed and is open for discussion in the community governance forum in our discord. We will begin work implementing these changes following the  V1 public beta game launch. This overhaul aligns the value accrual of GENE and KI, removes barriers to entry for the Web3 aspects of the game with a simplified experience intended for early adopters. Key elements of the revamp include banking the in-app currency, Qubits with GENE, a new framework for Energy earning, “Energy 2.0", and a simplified Harvesting/Habitat Management system aimed to enhance the in-app economy, stabilize KI emissions, and create a more rewarding gameplay experience.


For a deeper understanding of the initiatives, watch the Tokenomics section of the Town Hall and look out for the articles we’ll be dropping on each initiative soon. 

A Generative AI Future — Adventure Mode in Augmented Reality

A preview of Adventure Mode was announced that will blend the physical and digital worlds, allowing players to explore Esoterra on foot using GPS. Players can scan real-world locations to uncover a world of lore in the Genoverse powered by Generative AI. This new game mode will offer a new dimension to the Genopets experience opening up an opportunity for more rewards and motivation to stay active while playing Genopets.

This feature is still in progress and will not be available at the launch of V1

New Onboarding, Summoning, and A Simplified Home Screen Coming in V1

The V1 update, set to launch March 20, 2024, also includes a complete revamp of the onboarding experience and app navigation, focusing on optimization for conversion. Changes across the app improve communication, usability, accessibility, and aesthetics. The summoning scene and W.H.I.T.T.A.K.R. have been redesigned for a more inviting and engaging experience. Additionally, a new introductory video and clearer summoning prompts aim to enhance the new user experience. These updates were driven by feedback from the community survey and analysis of player data over the past year of growth in private beta.

Web3 In-App

We also announced the start of a more seamless integration of Web3 functionalities in the Genopets app. While casual players can still enjoy the full game loop without custody of tokens or NFTs, This integration will allow Web3 native players to more easily access Web3 components of the game directly in the app. This foundational step lays the groundwork for bringing additional Web3 features into the game, offering players new ways to interact with the Genopets universe and participate in the broader ecosystem.

This feature is still in progress and will not be immediately available for the V1 launch. It is set to release later in Q2

Vision Pro Demo

Finally, Ben revealed a teaser for our upcoming launch on Apple Vision Pro—an opportunity our team was excited to jump on to gain traction and be early to a new market of Augmented reality gaming. Leveraging the power of Vision Pro, Genopets brings the Genoverse to life in stunning detail, offering players a truly immersive experience. With assets already designed in 3D, the transition to Vision Pro was seamless, allowing us to be among the first experiences on this groundbreaking platform. The simplicity of this integration is a testament to the effort our team has put into our artwork over the past two years to create playable NFTs in Unity that could easily be ported to this new medium.

Closing Thoughts

The Genopets Town Hall on March 8, 2024, showcased our commitment to innovation and rewarding gameplay that will continue to bridge the physical and digital worlds. The introduction of Genopets Reborn in Generative AI along with our strategic Q2 priorities aimed at aligning incentives, growth, and simplifying the player experience put our focus on community priorities front and center. Thank you for being here and continually supporting Genopets to stay one of the top games in Web3, leading the pack on Solana.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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