TL;DR Genopets is the first move-to-earn mobile NFT game that motivates players to stay active through the incentivization and gamification of their daily physical activity and self-care.

Remember Tamagotchis? Remember the fun and excitement of caring for your first-ever digital pet as a child? A pet that went everywhere with you, hanging on a keychain in your pocket. Thinking back, it brings about a heartwarming nostalgia of the first emotional bond we ever had with a digital pet in the metaverse of its time. Well, there’s a new pocket pet on the block — It’s called a Genopet. It lives on your phone and doesn’t just fill your screen up with digital poop this time. And we’ve designed it to motivate you to be your best self and become more valuable through self-care.

Genopets is the world’s first free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT mobile game making it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. The idea of converting your physical activity into in-game rewards and, in turn, real-life rewards is a groundbreaking revelation for gaming, crypto, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Genopets is delivering an accessible Web3 gaming experience from the start, onboarding players around the world. We want to give you the opportunity to learn about blockchain technology and earn rewards for being active throughout your day. Genopets is redefining the future of in-game grinding.

As we push to make FitnessFi (FitFi) a larger category in Web3, we want to take a moment to dive into what we envisioned when we coined the term “move-to-earn” early last year. Through Genopets, we hope to create an opportunity for millions worldwide to enrich their lives through self-care.

The Birth of a Genopet

Brought to life by imbuing it with your personality, your Genopet is, in essence, a representation of you that lives in the metaverse — your digital familiar. A bridge between the physical and metaphysical that rewards you every day. It relies on you to guide its evolution through your real-world physical activity. So, whether your movement involves you running a lap around your kitchen between meetings or pushing yourself to train for that 12k marathon, your Genopet will be there to remind you to add staying active in your daily routine. With Genopets, taking steps towards living a more active lifestyle is no longer a chore — it’s an adventure in the Genoverse and a reward we can look forward to when we bank our steps at the end of the day.

Your Genopet is an NFT that, as you customize and upgrade it while you explore the Genoverse, becomes rarer, more valuable, and as unique as you are. And having your NFT as a profile picture is cool, but an NFT that evolves as you evolve is a flex like no other.

Your real-world activity will transform into in-game progression using the step data from your smartphone or fitness wearable. Bank your steps to earn XP every day to unlock in-game features and abilities such as story advancement, aesthetic customization, performance upgrades, and, of course, the evolution of your Genopet.

According to one study done by the World Health Organization, 1 in 4 people don’t partake in enough physical activity in their daily life. And as we continue to slowly emerge from the pandemic, getting into the groove of readjusting our lives to be more active can be a daunting task, even though we know we crave it deep down. And that’s especially the case when we’ve been spending the majority of our days at a desk in front of a computer, on a couch in front of a computer, and anywhere else you can sit in front of a computer. Genopets gives you the perfect excuse you need to get up and get your blood flowing.

Your Genopet is here to encourage you to stay active, serving as a daily reminder that as you invest in yourself, you will inevitably appreciate.

A Day in the Life of the Genoverse

Powered by the steps you take in the real world, Genopets is a mobile RPG that brings you on an excursion through the metaverse. And every little detail will be meticulously curated to satiate all of the senses.

After a long day on your feet, check in with your Genopet and bank your steps to traverse the planet Esoterra. Interact with the environment as you embark on exciting quests that unravel the story of the Genoverse, crafting and collecting rare items and NFTs along the way and evolving your Genopet as you evolve yourself.

When you want a little bit more action, rage at the Battle Arena and challenge other players to turn-based asynchronous battles where you’ll perform each move by completing a series of minigames. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can compete in wagered battles and to play for keeps.

Even if gaming isn’t quite your forte (yet), you’ll have an abundance of fitness challenges calling for you to engage in friendly, motivational competition or go solo and push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

A magical tale of mystery will begin to unfold as you immerse yourself in a dream where the far future could very well be the ancient past. Genopets gameplay will unhinge your curiosity and take you on a journey of unforeseen adventure, all while leading your analog life down the path of gratifying self-discovery.

Putting the Earn in Move-to-Earn

Whether you’re a crypto native or just beginning your journey into Web3, Genopets is designed for you. So, if you aped into a Genesis Genopet or you’re just here to play for free, you have an opportunity to earn. And the more you invest your time and dedication to the growth and evolution of your NFT, the more it’ll appreciate. Our dual-earning economy allows players the ability to choose whether they want to pay to play or play for free, but either way, there’s an opportunity to earn.

In conventional mobile games, when you purchase limited-edition skins or character abilities with an in-game currency, those items and your efforts spent playing the game are stuck within the game’s walled garden. Once you stop playing the game, all that time and money spent and all those valuable in-game items you earn become null. Gaming with NFTs gives you actual ownership of your in-game assets and the option to sell those assets to other players.

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn

Genopets’ move-to-play model replaces traditional sedentary mobile game grinding. Move-to-Earn lets us game in a new way — a way that ensures the time we spend taking care of ourselves facilitates an exhilarating game experience that can be mentally, physically, emotionally, and even financially rewarding for everyone who plays it.

Parting Thoughts

Genopets is a game that goes beyond the confines of the device, a game that benefits you physically and mentally while helping you realize that your everyday actions have tangible value. Whether you want to earn crypto, collect NFTs, or simply find joy in taking care of your new digital familiar, we hope that your Genopet becomes that little spark of motivation that encourages you to better yourself each and every day.

We believe that adding the fun of gaming to our simple daily movements and long-term fitness goals is the key to enjoying working towards the lifestyle that you know you deserve. And as you train and evolve with your Genopet, gamifying your way towards taking care of your body and pushing yourself to grow, you might just become the stuff of legends.

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

About Genopets

It’s time to step up your game. Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game, making it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. A Genopet is your digital pet whose evolution and growth are inextricably linked to your own. The steps you take every day power your journey through the Genoverse as you explore, battle, and evolve — earning crypto while you play.

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