Get ready to discover the exciting new features packed into Genopets' latest app update, version 0.7.0! This new release brings a fresh look to the home screen, an innovative Augment Stats feature, a convenient camera share option, and a streamlined Genodex search functionality. These enhancements are designed to elevate your Genopets experience, empowering you to explore the Genoverse with ease and efficiency and marking two more milestones completed on the Road To Market.

New Home Screen Navigation

Discover a Fresh and Intuitive Look

We've given the app's home screen a major makeover in update v0.7.0. Building upon our previous update's switch from circles to hexagons, we now introduce the most significant home update yet. Say goodbye to the traditional row of icons at the bottom and say hello to three hexagons, each holding a cluster of features. Simply click on any hexagon to reveal the exciting features it houses. 

  • The left icon grants access to the camera, settings, and your account. 

  • The middle icon opens up a treasure trove of XP details, Augmentation options, the Genodex, your Genopet's information, and your Inventory.

  • The right icon provides you with Step Goal details, Step History, and the Leaderboard. 

  • You’ll also be able to navigate to your Inventory with just a click on the box icon below the Energy icon in the top right corner.

Wondering why the change? These updates were necessary to accommodate the multitude of features we're launching—because the Genoverse is expanding rapidly!

Augment Stats

Enhance Your Genopets in Style

The next feature marks a significant milestone on our Road To Market journey. Augment Stats is a game-changing feature that unveils the details of how your Genopets' Augments impact their base stats. Although initially introduced for the upcoming Step Battles in the final leg of Phase II, Augment Stats will allow you to build your arsenal and master the art of combining Augments, getting you ready for the full Battle feature in Phase III. You can easily navigate to your Augment Stats in the Genodex, on the Augmentation page, or on your pet details page.

A Mood Update

Know Exactly How Your Genopet Is Feeling

The original Mood design lacked clarity in conveying your Genopet's emotional state. To fix this, we introduced a simpler chart that clearly displays whether your pet is happy, neutral, or sad, along with a corresponding multiplier boost. On the home screen, you will have a visual representation next to your Genopet's name, allowing you to easily stay informed about their current emotional state.

Camera Share

Capture and Share Your Genopets' Best Moments

Immerse yourself in the world of Genopets with our brand-new camera share feature. You can now take in-app screenshots of your Genopet and share them with your friends, family, and fellow Genovians, adding a personal touch to your Genopets experience.

Share Your Genopet + Search The Genodex

Seamlessly Explore the Genoverse

We understand the importance of easy navigation and quick access to information. With the share your Genopet and search functions for the Genodex, we have revolutionized the way you explore the vast world of Genopets. 

Share Your Genopet: Via dynamic deferred links you can now effortlessly share direct links to your Genodex page. Simply send them the link, and they'll be instantly transported to your world within the Genopets universe. Immerse yourself in the joy of showcasing your Genopets and forge stronger connections with fellow Genovians. The ability to share and connect has never been easier🌟

Search: Dive into the fascinating Genoverse of pets by effortlessly browsing through specific Genopets with the new search bar. No more hunting through endless lists—simply type the name of your desired Genopet, and let the app guide you to your destination. It's never been easier to uncover the extraordinary stories behind each Genopet and get inspired by the Genopets community.

Closing Thoughts

With the latest Genopets update, version 0.7.0, we invite you to embark on an exciting journey through a revamped home screen, Augments Stats, an intuitive camera-sharing feature, and streamlined Genodex exploration. The possibilities within the Genoverse have expanded, and we can't wait to witness the adventures you'll undertake with your Genopets. Unleash your gaming potential and experience the future of mobile gaming with Genopets—get the update today and let the excitement begin!

● ● ●

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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