TL;DR - Genesis Genopets are OP because they are the rarest, have their own evolution path, start at level 22, get a 10% boost in Energy conversion, and will get special airdrops from the team.

Genesis Genopets are special. Owning a Genesis Genopet is owning a piece of history. For O.G. fans, that fact alone makes having one worth it. But for those looking for more concrete benefits, we’ve got you covered.

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Benefit 1: Rarity

Genesis Genopets are currently the rarest NFT in the Genoverse. There were only 3,218 Genesis Genopets minted, and there will never be any more. Unlike the Genopets that are hatched for free by the community, the Genopets team decided there would be a limited quantity of Genesis pets within the Genoverse. These pets were hatched from 3,333 Genesis eggs that were won and purchased by community members. Any unhatched Genesis eggs expired, and the Genesis Genopets they held within was lost forever. 

Because there is a finite amount of Genesis Genopets, they hold a special place in the heart of the Genopets team and community and could be more rare on marketplaces.

Benefit 2: Continuous Rarity Growth through Evolution

Genesis Genopets will only continue to become rarer as they evolve. Though this is true for all Genopets, it’s even more so for Genesis. Why? Genesis Genopets have a special evolution track that is separate from all other Genopets. This means that as they evolve on their special track and are equipped with craftable augments, they will become more and more unique. 

Additionally, because there is a fixed amount of Genesis Genopets, as the amount of Genopets hatched for free increases, the rarity of Genesis Genopets will also increase.

Benefit 3: Genesis Genopets Start at Stage 4 / Level 22

Genesis Genopets are overachievers. As such, Genesis Genopets like to take on extra work so that you don’t have to. They didn’t hatch as stage 1 babies; they hatched as stage 4 NFTs. Why does that matter? All other Genopets require YOU to put in work to level them up to a mint-able stage; Genesis Genopets just came that way. They are currently the only Genopets that are available for listing on marketplaces, and once the game mechanics of minting and withdrawing pets from the game are defined, Genesis Genopets will be the only pets that don’t require leveling up before becoming eligible for minting.

On top of that, starting at level 22 gives players a HUGE advantage in energy conversion. When hatching, your step efficiency rating is 66X+ greater with a Genesis pet than with a level 1 baby. This is especially important if you have a Habitat because it eliminates the stress of choosing between spending energy on leveling up your pet or Harvesting your KI.

Benefit 4: 10% Energy Boosts

And Genesis pets with ALWAYS be more energy efficient. When compared to pets of the same level, they will bank more Energy for the same amount of work completed. Why? Genesis owners receive a 10% Energy Boost every time they bank. That means that if a Genopet holder banks enough steps to receive 8,000 Energy for the day, a Genesis Genopet holder of the same level will receive 8,800 Energy. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Learn more here.

Benefit 5: Special Airdrops

Owning a Genesis pet means you’ll receive special airdrops. As was stated earlier, Genesis pets hold a special place in the hearts of the Genopets team. Our founders view holders of Genesis pets as O.G. community members who showed their dedication to our project long before a tangible game was available. As such, we like to show our appreciation with special prizes and airdrops that are only available to players with Genesis Genopets in their wallets—which means if you have a Genesis Genopet or buy one, you’ll always want to keep it in your wallet. You'll miss out if a drop happens while your Genesis Genopet is listed on a marketplace. And you definitely won’t want to miss out.

The first airdrop to Genesis Genopet holders involved a Mysterious Cube. Check on Twitter to stay in the know once the mystery of the cube is revealed 🧐

Clearly, there are way more reasons to own a Genesis Genopet than just to have a piece of Web3 and gaming history in your wallet—although that is pretty cool in and of itself. And the list of reasons will only continue to grow. So make sure you grab a Genesis Genopet off Magic Eden if you don’t already have one.

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Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates, and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

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